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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Too many times people set themselves up for failure. Myself included. I'm probably at the top of the list! I had an all or nothing mentality. I'd set out on a quest to lose 100 pounds.. i'd lose 15, 30, even 92 pounds once! Only to give up when I'd stray from my then current diet was, or when things got hard. I'd only end up feeling like a failure and gaining all the weight back and then some!

I had VSG surgery in November 2016. I thought the pounds were going to fall off for me. I thought this was going to 'cure' my fat problem. Sure, at first the weight fell right off for a few months! After awhile though, it started getting hard and I realized I wasn't losing weight even half as fast as most people who had VSG that were on my Instagram! I was angry at myself, I tried starving, I tried exercising a ridiculous amount.. I had weight loss surgery for God's sake! I needed to prove I wasn't a failure again. After several failed attempts I just sat and thought about how I took off weight in the past...

It all came down to eat less, move more. I didn't need to eat low carb 100% of the time- because even tho I'm envious of people who do, I don't. I eat low carb a lot of the time.. but if there are doughnuts, I'm eating one! I made myself realize that i'll never be perfect at anything.. I don't need to be perfect! I just need to make sure I don't give myself free passes to eat like a wild animal. I need to remind myself all of the hours I put in of exercise each month will not get me anywhere if I gorge on food.

what works for me is tracking my calories every day. I eat between 1200 and 1600 a day and have my fitbit connected to track my exercise. I am far from perfect. There are days I admit I forget to log food at night- all I can do is try again the next day. This has worked for me. In the past I would feel like I failed and then I didn't even try for a few weeks or even a month to get back 'on track'. Now I just see it as a daily habit to track my food to the best of my ability. So what if last Tuesday isn't written down in my book.. as long as I monitor my weight once a week and I feel like it's still under control, I'm good.

Sometimes you've got to give yourself breathing room and not so many rules to follow to actually be successful. I don't lose weight every week...far from it. I have to admit I sometimes battle the same 5 pounds for 2 months. All I can say is that I just keep an eye on things.. and go about my life. I am about 15 pounds from my goal. Not being so hard on myself has made me feel like my goal is reachable. I am 85 pounds down. It may take me the next year to lose those 15 pounds.. but whatever, that's fine. I'm 41 I'm not 20 and looking to be a swimsuit model. I am looking to not have diabetes like my parents or need open heart surgery like my mother. It's all about what works for YOU.
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