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A Got Nothing Done Day

Monday, April 16, 2018

That was me today...in early to take DIL to grocery store..Always fun..we get along great and she is super company. So that was a good time.
Barely walked in the door and DH was like...Ready to go back to town! I need a new razor.
So in the car and back to town we roared..more like chugged but I can dream OK!
Stopped at Sears...he always shops Sears! They do not even carry small electrical items anymore. Across the street to Target..finally found razors and he picked one out! Those things
cost a lot!! A quick stop at Sonic for his favorite food...Burger and fries..then Homeward bound.
Got home just in time to do PM chores , then had a surprise visit with a neighbor..nice!!

Well maybe we didn't have that much fun..but it was a nice visit!

Now rounding out the evening with my visit here..then off to relax for a bit.

Had one lil mouse in Lil Mama's hutch this AM..am thinking maybe it was already in there..cause ti was a fat lil one and could not find a way out. I kinda knocked on the hutch to scare it so it would run to whatever exit it could..and it could not find an exit!! OK..but finally just stepped back with hutch door open and let the lil critter jump out and run off. Might not be as hospitable next time so stay away!!

Lil Chicks were chirping with excitement...She's here!! Food time...whoops ..wrong..tarp down...and all doors closed..must be bed time! They finally filed into their lil private bedroom for the night and settled down. They are growing so fast I think you could hear their bones stretch!! Left my phone at the house so no pics..but tomorrow I am going to get a bunch of new ones. Both chicks and Skinner, shaggy donkey right now..winter coat starting to shed.

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