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Happy Monday ... Yup-- another Monday .. Sadly say goodbye to the weekend !!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

DOH !!!!! It felt sooo good to stay in during the storm yesterday .. I do believe if it would have happened during the week, I would have called work and said "see ya" .. but for once, it happened on the weekend .. I'm thankful for that !!!!

I didn't get up to my playroom .... I just had a mega case of the lazy's yesterday .. I think I was so up tight throughout the week, that I just so enjoyed my quiet time this weekend .... even though I didn't accomplish what I wanted .. Oh well -- it's that "there's always tomorrow" syndrome .. lol lol ..

Hubby was a good boy and was very content up in his playroom yesterday .. coming down for lunch.. and coming down just to talk, and coming down to get his steps in ..

I did get to play in the kitchen yesterday .. I made up the bacon cheeseburger brats that hubby had bought on Saturday .. they were yummy .. and then I got experimental .. and thought I would try "haystack onions" .. I had an onion that needed to be used on the counter .. and so I brought out my trusty spiralizer .. and sliced it up .. getting a nice little stack .. I made up 1 egg and a splash of milk mixture .. and mixed them through .. I was always afraid of it ending up tasting like plaster of paris, but I glanced on the internet for a quick look at a recipe ..and I was on the right track .. They said to put your flour, and salt (and any other spices) .. and put them into a big plastic ziplock bag .. and shake and bake .. well .. shake and fry .. lol lol lol .. They said to watch the batches... doing them in small piles .. because they cook up fast .. well -- the first batch..I was waiting for brown .. Just for the record .. waiting for brown during making haystack.. is now too far .. you have to catch them just as they are a crusty beige .. and THAT's when they are done ..

But I did it .. something I was worried about doing, but wanted to try .. and it worked .. I had some vegetable oil in one of my wok pans, and used that as my fryer .. and it worked out perfect !!! We had at least a few handfuls of onion .. lol lol .. even hubby tried them .. The 'crunchy' onions .. didn't taste BURNED .. but were more like pic-niks .. those tater sticks that I used to love as a kid .. :) so I put some on my brat .. as extra crunch .. and it was yummy .. lol lol .. once again .. imagination goes a LONG way !!! lol lol .. We had a good lunch .. :)

The restaurant was busy all day long .. and I had fun with my camera ..

I can pretty much entertain myself in any situation .. lol lol lol ..

but it was a low key day yesterday ..

After my Sunday night "Touched by an Angel" show was over, I called to hubby and played a round of Wii bowling with him .. He beat me hands down, but he does it every day and multiple times throughout the week with his friends .. but we had fun .. :) and I didn't do so bad .. 169, 172, and 182 .. I was happy with that .. :) considering it's been quite a long time since I've played Wii bowling .. :)

YAY ME !!!

I don't really have any other plans this week .. so my evenings are probably going to consist of catching up with some laundry (that I didn't do yesterday .. Naughty Sally! .. I'm going to TRY and get out during lunch today and get my nails done .. If I do them today .. then May 4th; when I have my scrapbooking/stamping show day .. I plan on starting my day out with a pampering .. pedicure and fresh nails .. So by then I will be able (about 2 weeks) ... to get my nails redone .. I tried to go on Friday, but they were busy .. and I didn't feel like waiting .. I was just "off" on Friday .. all the way around .. I'm happy that my cobwebs have thinned out this morning .. after having my quiet weekend .. but we'll see what today brings .. if I can get out at lunch or not .. but Monday's they are slower to begin with; plus the yucky weather .. may work in my benefit today ..

I know I have alot on my Kim agenda .. but I'll deal with it .. maybe that will work out for the better today too .. I'll be on the office side more; and therefore have heat .. lol ... the warehouse has heat, but not as much as the offices .. was planning on wearing a sweater today, (and my winter jacket .. lol)

Okay --- I'm happy to say that Uli and TD behaved themselves yesterday with both mommy and daddy home .. I'm happy to say that I helped Mr Procrastinator finish up and print the taxes ... and get them ready to send .. and efile the one .. so THAT headache is just about over .. lol lol ..

Here's a picture of warm and peace .. I wish everyone a wonderful Monday, and if you must go out .. be safe !!!!!
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