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A little whine... some anxiety...

Monday, April 16, 2018

So, yes, a second blog today... just feeling stressed and wanting to whine... I had a serious hypoglycemic event last night. Woke up around 1:30 (not too unusual), feeling nauseous, shaky, clammy... just “off” (unusual)... but I recognized the symptoms, so I checked my blood glucose right away... ummm... 43....? So I double checked... yep 43! Well, holy carp! No wonder I felt sick. Now, I have a protocol from the endocrinologist to follow before I hit the panic button, but that is a pretty scary number in my opinion. And it’s not like I can drive myself to the ER when it’s that low... thankfully I ended up not needing to go, as my sugar responded to the established protocol appropriately (eventually), but it is not a pleasant feeling to know how sick you really are, and that your only option may be calling for an ambulance ( I did shoot off a text to my brother and SIL, but they did not respond until they woke up in the morning, so...)... I don’t do scared well, and I don’t like that helpless feeling at all. Bplft! The stress and uncertainty about the glucose levels is playing havoc with my anxiety levels... and I have anxiety issues to start with... I am trying not to stress too hard, and practice relaxation techniques on a regular basis, along with deep breathing and meditation (and I have medication for when it gets too overwhelming), but the anxiety seems to get broader and deeper on a daily basis. I have other health issues that also cause stress and anxiety, but I still have my basic mobility, and the company of the Cooper-dog, so I wonder at times what I have to really be so anxious about? There, that’s my whine for the day...
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    Wow! That sounds super scary! Glad your body responded to the protocol your doctor gave you.
    213 days ago
    Yikes! That would be scary. Glad you’re OK.
    216 days ago
  • JEB03253
    Glad you protocol worked. Low blood sugar is scary. I'm pretty regulated now, but I carry glucose tablets just in case.
    216 days ago
    How about if you checked your levels a few times a day or do u already? Or is a very suddendive ? A friend eats small amounts of food every 2 hrs. It IS scary to have our foolish bodies go crazy suddenly!!!
    216 days ago
    Holy carp indeed! 43 is . . . . mighty . . . . . low (as YOU already know!) Glad you're all right. ope that you can figure out a way to alert someone that can help you immediately (Lifelink -- you know those "I've fallen and I can't get up" buttons). Might be a good idea with your low blood sugar episodes.

    HUGS and glad you're feeling better.
    217 days ago
    My brother in law got a monitor that checks his glucose levels throughout the day. It's not a pump, just a monitor. As soon as the levels get to a certain point, he gets an alarm and he deals with it. Now he and my sister can sleep through the night.
    217 days ago
    You did an awesome job.I understand the feeling..I hope tonight is more peaceful that was a scary number.
    217 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Glad you decided to share with us ...sometimes you just need to talk things out to get a perspective on them..and sometimes you just need to talk. I understand the feeling of being alone and thinking you might need help ...and can you get any other than an ambulance call!
    I hope you get those glucose levels settled down..that is indeed a scary number!

    Cooper is there ..so glad for that!! emoticon

    217 days ago
    Sending you so much empathy for how frightening some symptoms and numbers can be, friend. Sounds like a rough night. Grateful you reached out and that you knew what to do. Blessings on your health!

    217 days ago
    Low blood sugar is scary. I am happy to hear that the established protocol supported you. Have you considered a medical alert necklace? Does your protocol include when to call for emergency medical assistance?

    Putting the questions out there because I know how quickly low blood sugar can go from bad to worse. emoticon
    217 days ago
    Stress and anxiety also adversely affect your glucose level too? Relax you know what to do, worry is a useless reaction.
    218 days ago
    Despite feeling anxious it sounds like you did a great job of caring for yourself in this situation. You have more inner strength than you think. Thoughts and prayers for a more restful night tonight. emoticon
    218 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    Yikes! That must have been so scary. So happy to hear that the issue got resolved. Cooper needs an extra treat today.
    218 days ago
    You just gave yourself a motivational talk and great that you have Cooer-dog, medicine and all you need to stay calm. emoticon
    218 days ago
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