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Happy Sunday ... Mother Nature .. find you happy pills ... P L E A S E !!!!!!! lol

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We've decided to decorate the front of our house with crystalized glass .. Yup -- the windows from the front not protected by the porch are all crystalized .. lol lol .. actually looks pretty .. FOR JANUARY !!!!!

Actually we are hit hard, but not as severly as other have been hit ..

That's what I would like to know .. lol lol lol

Oh well -- seriously folks .. can't do anything about the weather ... so why complain about it .. I pray everyone stays safe ... however it means I'm calling mom and telling her I won't be over today .. Hubby and I will be in the house all day together .. OHOH !!!!! lol lol

He does not do well cooped up in the house, and I'm sure he'd go out if I hadn't put my foot down .. lol lol lol

Yesterday .. He DID get me out of the house for lunch .. We did go to Golden Coral .. and it was good .. but nothing I would really go out of my way for .. I had a couple of "thank you portion" plates, and a plate of salad .. I think someone said they liked their salad bar .. I really wasn't impressed .. This IS only the 2nd time we've been there .. BUT ... when I was up at the dessert bar I noticed they had a cotton candy machine .. and I haven't had cotton candy in probably 30 years .. so I got 2 of them and they put them in a bag to go home .. My little 3 year old came out.. and while I had had enough to eat, I did wait until almost dinner time to have it .. lol .. Hubby blamed his weight gain today on the cotton candy, because he took the one that was bigger .. .. lol ..which was fine, because I just wanted some ... and I enjoyed it .. but yup -- it's like eating sugar cottonized .. lol lol ..

Hubby asked if Uli or TD were wanting some.. I told him, even if they did; they wouldn't get any, because they can't be "just washed" .. however .. they may see the lint from the dryer and think it's cotton candy .. we're going to have to watch them closer for awhile .. lol lol

We found the 2 of them working their way upstairs yesterday morning .. Oh dear .. if we aren't up there, there could be soooo much for them to get into .. I'm afraid if we would put up the gate we used for puppy; that they would just climb over it .. Their territories are expanding .. Thankfully .. the sat and played in my playroom until I started playing on my keyboard .. and they went running.. I found them sitting on the bed; looking at the headboard, and wondering how they could get up by the other Teddy bears up there .. Thankfully they haven't figured out yet .. lol lol ..

So -- Uli won't get to see gramma yet today .. but I don't think there'll be a problem .. the problem the other day came when daddy said he was going to see gramma and no -- Uli had to stay home .. (after taking him out for a ride the day before to Sam's club

I did work up in my room for a bit yesterday, and I decided to take the "stacks of chips"

down to the basement and I can finish them down there ..I still have one tube upstairs; because it hasn't been started .. It's one of those darn things .. I could probably finish it if I just got started .. in a few hours .. but nooooooo it's a BLAH project .. so I moved all but 1 downstairs to the basement ... this way I got some cardio .. Upstairs staircase, then staircase downstairs .. then back up for the next stack, and then back down to the basement .. then .. back... up ... for ... the .. next ... stack ... and .. back .. down .. to.. the...basement .. and ............... then ........... back ... upstairs .. for .... the ...... next ... stack .... and it made it to the foyer .. and then sat down and caught my breath .. lol lol ..

Today I plan on working ... er ... playing up in my playroom some more .. That's where all the boxes went that I have been bringing home from work .. and the boxes I've been bringing home from mom's .. so it's been a storage room .. Now that I have gotten rid of the extra space user upper's .. I can start working on those .. I hope to get back to the corner, and unplug the phone that is sitting on my desk .. (since we don't have a landline anymore .. lol)

We slept until after 8 this morning when we finally crawled out of bed .. it was just one of those mornings that the bed felt soooo good .. I an't wait until they days that I can do that during a normal week ..

Lunch is going to be cheeseburger brats that hubby picked up yesterday .. and we're just putzing around the house .. (my kind of day!!! :) )

Wishing everyone a wonderful day .. and stay safe if you HAVE to go out .. this is a mean mean storm, going all the way across the country .. Please be safe !!!!!! and someone give Mother Nature her happy pills back .. lol lol lol ..

At least we have some entertainment .. poor little guys ...

Wish everyone a WARM day ...
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    214 days ago
    I *also* do NOT do well cooped up in the house - needless to say, where I'm from, this season has been horrifically stressful - other half would on occasion pipe up with an opinion on my restlessness that I did NOT (and never WILL) appreciate...........some folks do not get the concept of "cabin fever" - it DOES exist, and for me the struggle is all too real.......

    214 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    I do love the salad bar at Golden Corral, the one I go to. I’ve been to others where the salad bar sucked. Not all GC are made the same.
    All the trees here are covered in ice. This proves Mother Nature is off her meds.
    It’s a good thing Uli & TD didn’t get into the cotton candy. Although that would have made a great picture!
    Stay inside today, safe & warm.
    215 days ago
    Yes, we have that same “decorating” from yesterday. Today it’s white confetti from the sky.

    Ummmm . . . . I think that bird about sums it up!

    Yes, the roads are horrible, horrible, horrible. Did I say . . . . horrible!

    I have only been to golden Corral once, and I can’t say I’d go out of my way, either, to go there. Oh well.

    Yes, they do have a cotton candy machine. And they used to have a chocolate fountain (not sure if they still do).

    Ohhhhhhh boy. Can you see the sugar rush that Uli and TD would have from cotton candy! It would not be a pretty sight!

    They made it upstairs??!!! Gonna have to put a get up.

    MY LORD! STILL working on those chip stacks.

    Hope you get your play room organized.

    Yes, I wish Mother Nature would take her pills. If she’s out, I’d SPRING for a refill! LOL

    215 days ago
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