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Beck Day 5 Eat Slowly and Mindfully

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Beck Day 5 Eat Slowly and Mindfully

Why eat slowly and Mindfully?
So my brain can get the message that I’m full.
I’ll FEEL more satisfied when I notice every bite.
If you don’t pay enough attention to the food, you’ll still FEEL hungry.

There is a 20 min. Lag until brain gets message I’m full.
I will eat less, if I eat slowly.

HOW to learn to eat more slowly.
Put your fork down and wait 10-30 seconds before you pick it up again.
Change your place setting. Every time you notice something new, let it remind you to eat slowly.
Sip water after every 5 bites.
Serve very hot food so you will eat slowly.
Notice bodily sensations of fullness.

HOW to notice what you are eating.
Initially, create a quiet calm environment for eating.
Focus of taste, flavor and texture of every bite.
It’s best to minimize distractions when you eat but you need to learn the skill of eating mindfully even when distracted.
Ultimate Goal; Learn to eat slowly and mindfully in your normal environment.
If you slip and eat too quickly or eat while distracted, try to eat the next meal without distractions to sharpen your skills.
WHY. Once I accept that I need to eat slowly and mindfully, dieting will be easier.

When I FEEL like eating quickly or mindlessly I’m going to remind myself that dieting will FEEL easier if I accept that I need to eat slowly.

To remind myself to eat slowly and mindfully, I’m going to change my place setting.

Daily Credit for completed tasks today 12/12 This week 36

Read ARCs 2X.
Read Response cards.
Planed my meals.
Ate sitting down.
I ate slowly and mindfully.
I gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful behaviors.
Tracked my food.
Drank my water.
Refrained from eating while standing.
Didn’t eat seconds.
Completed my fitness minutes.
Recognized a trigger.
Recognized and responded to a sabotaging thought. Didn’t eat an unplanned bite.
Read and blogged Beck.
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