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Happy Saturday !!! *whew* this week is over .. and I'm so glad .. time to recoup!!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Yesterday was a good day .. but I was wandering around in a fog all day .. I slept sooo well the night before; that I couldn't shake the cobwebs loose .. but things went well .. I got alittle emotional in the morning when Leonard came back and gave me a project ..and the bad thing is is that he can read me so well .. the others I can cover myself .. but I explained to him I was over tired, and in a fog, and left it at that .. :)

I wanted to go out during lunch yesterday and get my nails cleaned up .. they are fine, except they are more long than even I like .. but they were busy and I didn't want to wait around .. but that was okay .. Bearings bought, and we had broasted chicken, fish and fries from next door .. and it was good ..I ate good .. I had a drumstick, thigh, and a piece of fish, with 1 potato wedge, and a small handful of fries .. and I sat and ate at the table with Linda and Kim, and JT (Kim's hubby) .. by the time the others came back, I was done .. :) It was a fun relaxing lunch .. :)

I texted hubby and told him that we had a lunch from next door, but was still okay with him getting a "bigger" supper as he said before I left .. He brought home KFC.. the full meal .. YUMMMM !!! The bad thing is I was tired, the good thing is it was yummy foods.. lol ..

I have a couple of nosey little roseys' .. I brought in a box of glasses that Leonard had given me from a vendor .. and put it on the counter and left .. this is what hubby sent me after I left .. lol lol

And then we had our first temper tantrum .. hubby said that he was spending the afternoon with gramma, and Uli wanted to go meet her .. and daddy said he couldn't .. I told hubby that I was planning on taking him over to meet gramma one of these Sunday's .. lol .. but he sent me the picture ..

Uli was off pouting but TD was trying to tell him that it was too cold for little unicorns to go outside .. and mommy promised she'd take him to meet gramma one of these weeks .. TD told Uli, that he's already met gramma and she was a really nice gramma Uli should be happy when he goes to meet her .. gramma doesn't wanna see tear stains .. So he settled down thanks to TD ..

Unfortunately because of being in a fog, and my cobwebs, and total lack of energy yesterday ..I suffer this morning .. That lack of movement (only did 3500 steps according to my stepometer) I'm suffering this morning ..

Do you know that you can hurt just as much when you have no exercise as you can when you have too much exercise .. it's just a different, defeated hurt .. a skeletal hurt instead of a muscle hurt .. Personally .. I prefer the muscle hurt .. that one I know I actually worked to deserve .. lol lol lol ..

Hubby wants to take me out to Golden Corral for lunch today (buffet) .. because he gets his birthday lunch .. I told him we'll see what the weather is like (personally I just want to stay home .. they are talking icky weather, and I HAVE to go out in it Monday through Friday -- I don't want to go out in it on my day off too .. but he wants his birthday meal) I told him let's just see what the weather is like around lunch time .. From the way it's looking I may not be going over to mom's ..

I was really looking forward to working up in my playroom, because that's where all the boxes are that I just dumped from work .. and there isn't much more than just a walking path through that room, and it's driving me NUTS !!! I was hoping to get up there and work in there this weekend .. and we'll still try .. All I know is I HAVE to move somewhat today .. lol lol lol . ..

Hubby said he had a suggestion for mom's birthday surprise .. and I told him that we could talk about it, and I wasn't going to call Bill until later this weekend .. but hubby hasn't told me what his suggestion was yet .. and yes he said the casino was in the mix .. so that has me alittle worried ..I HATE being stuck in the middle ..

However !!!! I have to admit .. even in my fog and working on holding myself together yesterday (emotional roller coaster that has not everything to do with work, but just everything in general) .. I did finally finally finally feel more like just an employee, instead of a teacher, or a "result siphon". Talking to Kim yesterday was the first time I felt like it was conversation, not just "this is what you do" .. MAYBE ... MAYBE !!!!! ??? Talking to Linda; I felt like it was back to conversation .. When I was next door in the office, they were talking about "this and that" .. things that they should be talking together on, instead of Kim coming to me, and Linda coming to me, and me telling each of them what the final result should be .. I felt like I was just an employee, and having normal conversations yesterday .. What a wonderful feeling !!!!

and if you're in the lines of these storms across the US .. please stay safe !!!!!!

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  • LIZZIE138
    Happy birthday your hubby! What did Uli get him for his birthday? Golden Corral is not my fav place to eat but I do love their salad bar. I haven’t been moving much lately. Gotta remedy that. This being retired really is a huge adjustment. Much bigger than I expected. More on that later. Enjoy your weekend. Do something fun!
    248 days ago
    248 days ago
    Oh those kids! Did Uli boost TC up onto the box?? Hoot still has his hands full!

    OH POOR ULI. TD is a total sweetie for comforting Uli. Awwwww, that’s right. Grandmas don’t like to see tears! HOPE you get to see your Mom with this stupid weather. Uli will have another meltdown if he doesn’t get to go.

    Awesome that Kim and Linda are teaming up. You are doing good!

    248 days ago
    Have a fun safe day Sally!
    248 days ago
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