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Another week, another 3 pounds

Saturday, April 14, 2018

I've been trying to be very disciplined with this keto, very low calorie, protein-sparing diet I'm trying out. My limits are strict: 850 calories, less than 20 total carbs, 85-90 grams protein, and less than 60 grams fat. This is my second week. keto-calculator.ankerl.com
My FIRST week, I was STUFFED. Disgustingly stuffed. Eventually too stuffed to eat enough of anything and I wasn't getting but half my protein needs. Totally W_E_I_R_D. And my weight plummeted -- water weight loss, of course!
Second week: I'm learning as I go. I have to get more salt into my diet to avoid leg cramps. I learned that 2 eggs daily are enough; eggs, sausage and bacon are too fat for the protein I get from them; and I need to plan my meals a day ahead. I have very little room for error so there SHOULD BE no deviation from plan if I can help it. And deviations are hard to avoid! I've got habits that aren't accommodated by this diet. There is to be no unplanned cream or sweetener packets in my hot tea without sacrificing something else I'd more prefer to have. There is to be no sampling -- every little bite of anything adds up and can upset the balance I've worked to create. And most importantly I've learned that while I can recover and make adjustments to the remainder of my meals should I deviate from the plan, the ONLY way I can do that successfully is to CHANGE MY FOOD JOURNAL/PLAN AS SOON AS GET HOME.
Right now I'm enjoying the challenge. Thankfully, I no longer feel STUFFED; and surprisingly (to me!) I'm not the least bit hungry despite the low calories, and despite the aerobics classes I lead. With thoughtful planning I can eat several veggies daily! I am intermittently fasting rather unintentionally... I'm not hungry in the mornings, I'm full by early evening dinner, and I feel fine all day. Really, I love to eat. I never thought I'd be satisfied with so little! And I'm not bored (yet) with my food choices.
My biggest hurdles? I'm drinking 12 cups of water daily. That's hard for me to do. I have to remind myself constantly to sip, sip, sip. And sip again. I must(?)/am eat(ing) leaner protein than I am accustomed to and eating way less fat overall -- It is a taste change from eating low-carb high-fat! And as is true with any change in any area of life, I must be more disciplined, more watchful, of myself (and what I put in my mouth).
The best diet keto calculator I have found shows me that if I stay on track for 6 months, I can continue to eat this way healthfully for more 3 months, and then I must ADD more calories to my diet to account for the fact that I've LOST all that extra fat which will have supplied all the extra calories I needed at a fast enough rate. In other words, I won't be fat enough to supply my own fat fast enough to continue at that level. So in mid-August, I recalculate my macros. And if I stay on track, on my target date (October 1) I make goal. Let me say that again: I MAKE G-O-A-L! (and I've given myself a 2-week cushion.)
It is encouraging to me to have a plan that spells out how to get to GOAL. And I have to say, bottom line, it is based on sustaining a caloric deficit long enough to burn off my fat. And therein (I suspect) lies the "magic." The "ju-ju." The unknown.

Can I do it? 850-950 calories daily? For 3 months? And then another 3 months still of relentless discipline (although supposedly at higher caloric intake)? It does help greatly to boost my optimism that I currently am not the least bit hungry or craving. But I have challenges coming up... Life happens and it is always never going to let up until you die! Got a family reunion next week. And no access to a computer to do my food logging. And eventually, I must face a birthday without a cake.. and then......

One problem at a time! I'll copy my last 2 weeks of food logs and use them to plan my meals at the reunion. I'm the one who puts food in my mouth; I'm the one in control. I'm the one who puts food in my mouth; I'm the one in control......
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  • ABBY2005
    Way to go! Keep up the great work!
    341 days ago
    You sound determined, and that determination will surely pay off!
    341 days ago
    Wow that sounds extremely challenging! I'm rooting for you. I've done keto diets before with great success. But never low calorie too. I'll be watching your strides!
    341 days ago
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