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Happy Friday !!! Whew .. made it another week !!!! :) .. 55 working days, 77 day day's left !!!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I needed that second cup this morning .. lol lol

THANK YOU FOR FRIDAY'S.. even if it is Friday the 13th ..

I normally have allowance to have off on Friday the 13th .. lol .. but I'm going in today .. Not willingly .. but I'm going in .. :)

I did have a good day yesterday .. my walk outside got detoured by my belly and seeing a chinese buffet .. I lost .. I did get some exercise, because after lunch I went to the office storage unit .. I haven't been there since the spring broke on the door when I was there .. thankfully I was on the outside when it happened .. This time I made sure I had my car keys .. and my phone .. My car keys to set off the horn alarm (if it reached), and my phone to try and call someone .. Yup -- that one bothered me .. I finally ended up calling Jimmy for help that time .. So -- this time I got my phone, and my keys and put them in my pocket, opened the door .. and thankfully it stayed put .. WHEW !!!!

Well --- I was in there, marking boxes that Ben can bring back and toss . and well -- pretty much cleaned up almost the whole storage bin .. Of course I had to balance myself around a box spring and mattress that Jimmy has stored in there .. (well--- it's better than the motorcycle that was in there .. at least the mattress I could push around .. lol lol) So I got alittle bit of aerobic exercise .. lol lol ..

I got back and finished up my day writing up a list for Linda .. of my contacts and suppliers ..

Today I have to type it up .. there were some notes on my desk from Kim, but they were simple .. and I wrote back explaining we will talk about it today ..

Sooo yesterday at work was a pretty good day .. with only a few exceptions .. people pretty much left me be .. this was a good thing ..

I got home .. and ohoh .. Uli's MIA ... now what is he getting into .. lol lol .. Hubby said that it was such a nice day that he took Uli for a ride ... They went to Sam's club .. I asked if he left Uli in the car, because it was getting cold out, and unicorns don't like cold .. he said no .. but he was sure he was around somewhere .. lol lol

Well -- I found him ..

He stole hubby's freebees .. and saved them for me .. :) .. Yup -- this little guy is fitting in JUSSSST perfectly !!!!!

Then I got a call from my brother .. he wanted to talk about something to do with mom on her birthday .. and he made me fall off my chair .. he suggested that we take her to the Dells for a day of casino .. ?? REALLY ???? I told him "YOU go to the casino?" .. and he said "he could do it for a day".. .I told him I'd have to talk to hubby about it ... and would get back to him ..

Mom had made it very clear that my SIL has dropped the hint a couple of times to go .. and well -- mom does not want to go with my SIL .. ... now what .. Well -- hubby and I talked .. and as of this morning I came up with a plan ..

When mom goes with friends or people that haven't really been there .. she tries to play the hostess with the mostess, and doesn't really enjoy herself .. no matter how much you tell her that just leave them be .. Plus .. when you go to the casino .. you "might" see each other for lunch .. and in passing and that's about it .. it's not a day spent together .. and if mom has to worry about others enjoying themselves while she's playing it's not fun for her .. and it would only poop mom out, not to mention make it not fun for her ...

Plus .. it's too far away for my SIL to play "I wanna go home" ..when she gets bored, or she's not the center of attention .. I told hubby that I don't think this one will work .. and I'm going to call and tell Bill tonight, that if he and SIL wants to take her some other time, I think it would be a better idea .. then you can set just a couple of hours .. and come back home ..

I'm going to suggest that he and SIL offer to take her to her favorite restaurant and hubby and I will meet them there .. and then we can go back to mom's house for coffee and cake .. but I think mom would be much more relaxed that way .. I have hubby coming back with 'what we did last year was okay .. ' .. I told him "we only did that because her birthday fell on mothers day and getting into a restaurant would be next to impossible ... DO NOT FIGHT ME ON THIS!!" ... he backed off .. lol lol lol So that will be tonight's phone call ..

Mom's going to start to expect us to do something on her birthday .. lol lol .. but for 91 years young .. WHO CARES !!!! lol lol .. Bill said that he's got the day off, and I would take time off as well ..

I didn't fall asleep last night until about 10:30ish . but I'm working on getting my summer hours on .. so I'm not a zombie after 8 at night .. lol lol .. cuz we're more active during the summer evenings .. and thankfully for as busy as my brain was .. I got a good night sleep ... until 4:30 when my eyeballs woke up .. (the rest of me is still sleeping .. lol lol )

I got the biggest surprise this morning .. I brought 2 of my 3 plants home from work .. and I think my peace lilly is liking it's new "digs" .. lol lol .. I have NEVER had 3 blooms on it before .. so that made me happy .. I am working at nursing my 3rd one at the office .. I repotted it a week or so ago, and it's really not strong enough to make the trek especially since Wisconsin doesn't realize yet .. IT'S NOT WINTER !!! so I pamper it at my desk .. and it's one that likes sunshine .. so it's a tough challenge back in the warehouse .. lol lol .. but it's out of ICU . ... I'm seeing some life in it's little plantings .. I think the next warm streak (sometime before fall) I'll bring it home .. and put it in the window .. :)

This is strange because I normally have a black thumb .. so that even perks me up MORESO .... :)

Okay -- I see Uli has his breakfast ..

He's starting out with sushi for breakfast (goldfish crackers) .. until TD gets up .. Oh wait ..TD is awake .. so it's breakfast time ..

Since Uli finished his sushi ... he's sharing some honey nut cheerios with his best buddy .. :) so I guess before they finish the box, I better get my bowl ... lol lol lol ..

Have a wonderful Friday ....
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