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Thursday afternoon

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I am still feeling weak and dizzy after just preparing dinner or sitting, paying bills. I am drinking blueberry tea, as Vernor's did nothing to help me, but my stomach feels better today. IT is the rest of me that has some work to do to get feeling better.

I paid my water bill. I got a letter with it stating that there is an increase starting now. I knew this would be coming soon. That whole Flint,Michigan water fiasco is the main cause for this new increase. As of Monday, the free water distribution has ended for their residents. Somebody else has to pick up the tab for this, and here it is for us.
I am now on a fixed income for the rest of my life, so this is a big deal to me and every person who pays their bills and has not control over their income. I can afford it now, but many disabled and seniors, who are not getting the state to pay their bills for them, will struggle..
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    When I had kidney stones, I got bills that weren't paid for by the insurances that we have. My husband never used any of the matched savings when he worked. I found a chart where you save $1 the first week, $2 the second week and so forth, for the 52 weeks in a year. At the end of the year, you will have saved a little over $1,300. I did it last year. When my husband retired, we had about $6,000 for the rest of our lives. Should we have to buy a car or have a big bill, it is plain to me that we will be heavily in debt.

    I don't blame you for being upset at price increases.

    I know that many cities are facing the fact that their water and sewage systems are old and breaking down. It will cost to replace them. I don't know that the planners made an effort to save for that.
    246 days ago
    I am so sad for the people of Flint, and I wish that the powers in control had done more to stop the crisis sooner. The truth is we would have to pay no matter what - either with higher bills or higher taxes. At the end of the day, the people pay the price. My heart goes out to you and your fellow Michiganders! Big hugs.
    246 days ago
    I SO hear you on the increase in bills and the money that we have to live on. We have miserable social security benefits. Being self-employed for so many years benefits were not collected. DH was a firefighter for many years and again...no SS benefits were deducted from his check. We are well, well below the poverty line here in FL...but we do bootstrap our way through life doing the gallery...hoping to have more sales than what the rent costs us.

    This month we got hit hard...both our a/c at home and the a/c at the gallery needed repairs. Astronomical costs...ye gads....we are stressed to the max! emoticon

    I don't let myself get overwhelmed...worrying is non-productive energy waste...you can't change the outcome...so we just roll with it. emoticon

    I'm sending blessings to you my friend! I hope your get well soon!
    247 days ago
    It is truly shameful how huge companies like Nestle just get to pump away all of the fresh water for free while consumers have to cover the cost of tap water. May all beings miraculously have access to clean water.

    247 days ago
    What real gets me with our Electric Co. is that we got a letter last month that our electric rate was going up, and then yesterday, and every other month, we get our newsletter, and the whole back two pages is the thank yous from every Tom, Dick, and Harry school, every club out there, Duck unlimited, pheasants unlimited, every school prom, and then a huge checks of several thousand dollars to the food pantry, and where do you suppose that money comes from. Yep, you got it US. They say it make good neighbors, but I could use a little of that once in awhile. I wonder how less our bill would be if they cut off the donations.
    247 days ago
    Its sad that utility companies are so greedy. When we started using energy saving light bulbs they raised the electric, go figure.
    247 days ago
    I am so sorry! It always comes down to US paying the bill. **SIGH*
    247 days ago
  • L1LL1AN_M
    I am so frustrated with the Flint water crisis. The test results on their water are now better than the water I get from the City of Saginaw as well as many other areas in the state. I know it's hard to trust the government that "poisoned" you but it's time to move on. Use the water filters provided (changing the filters as recommended) and get on with your lives. You (Flint) are not entitled to "free" water now that the rest results are back to normal.
    End of rant!
    247 days ago
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