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McNuggets of Wisdom from a Chicken

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Of course we know never to give up! ... We've got that down pat!...Check!
Regardless of the dark clouds looming heavily against the blackened sky, with the cracking of thunder and lightening, hang on, for the storm will not last forever. (Right?) Lol

...:::Hatch good ideas. Cackle with your friends. And don't let life ruffle your feathers.

Like everything in life, there is a beginning and an end. Kind of like the chicken and the egg.

DAY ONE: began when my husband came home from work. Through fits of coughing and long gasps, he mentions he is running into lots of folks with terrible Upper respiratory Infection's, and two fellows he works with are out sick with pneumonia!! ....

DAY THREE: I strutted my feathers and boasted, "I am so glad i have not had a bad cold or URI in about six years ... just these allergies! ...........No sooner did i crow, then i thought i would croak with incessant hacking!

FOUR DAYS LATER: lightening struck as i I developed fever and chills! ..On the day he was sent home mid-morning by his boss, he got undressed and after listening to him gasp for air, i clucked, "GET DRESSED!! ... I am taking you to Urgent care!!"

We know they can't treat a virus like an URI with antibiotics BUT he was found upon examination, to have a bulging eardrum .... and was bright red! ....... (He thanked me later for hauling him down there) ... He was prescribed antibiotics and something to help relieve the cough.

And being fairly sensible, i drove myself to the Doctor to make sure i did not have pneumonia or something! ..

..:::Time has a way of sneaking up on one!


NO matter how corny or silly, IF you can keep a sense of humor through the storm, you will live to see the Golden sky .... So bundle up, eat your chicken noodle soup, kick back, rest, and drink lots of water and fluids.

And never forget this Chicken Mc Nugget: "It could always be worse." ..

When you can smile and laugh out loud again, that is a sure sign, you are going to make it after all! ..
...:::P.S. As soon as you can fly the 'coop' grab your pet and let him take you for a walk.

DAY SEVEN: Status Quo ..
Please accept my thanks to each of you now for reading and commenting. I am still getting a lot of much needed rest and won't thank individually as i normally do.
But wait .... i can't stop without sharing this one with you too!!

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