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Happy Wednesday .. half way there !!!!! WOOHOO !!!!! Have a good one !!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I got to work ..and pretty much stayed to myself for the morning .. I was still befuddled from Monday .. and thought it better to just work on my project, and stayed to myself .. Kim came back and offered a coffee from next door .. and I declined .. I told her I just wasn't in a great mood, and was looking forward to getting my "happy on" while at lunch ... at the gym .. How funny .. you beat yourself up and your mood gets better .. lol lol .. She caught the moment, and just backed away .. :)

A while later I went next door, and told them in normal conversation .. that hubby really messed up with his taxes this year .. being Mr Procrastinator; he found out on Monday night that the program that we loaded in March "isn't working" .. and asked me to fix it .. I figured it was an "in your face" from the conversation we had over the weekend .. about "getting the stuff done, and all you have to do is push a button, print a form and put on a stamp .. something .. but it's done !!! Noooo nothing will go wrong .. lol I love my hubby; but some times .. lol lol lol

Well --that was a safe subject to let them know why I'm being "quiet" .. it doesn't reveal what Kim had talked in private to me or it doesn't reveal what Linda had talked in private with me .. and then imaginations didn't start to take over .. bringing the tension up higher .. Walking that fine line .. :)

My little "peptalker" in the morning while I was getting ready .. if he could do it .. so could I .. lol lol (I didn't want to tell him that I had full intention of going to the gym .. I needed it .. lol but he was trying so hard .. to motivate me .. I couldn't pop his little bubble . lol)

but I went to the gym at lunch .. and was proud of myself .. Now that I know that I'm healthy .. the sky's the limit .. lol .. I'm starting to play with some of the programming on the treadmill .. :)

I only did the treadmill ..that's pretty safe for just a lunch hour ..

I saw a button that said "Fat burning" .. so I pushed it .. it asks you weigh and age, and how many minutes you want to push yourself .. I chose 10 minutes, because I didn't know if it would bring me to a running pace or what it consisted of .. It said that my target heart rate was 117 .. That was disappointingly uneventful .. it basically was my normal "used to" walks .. and holding at 117 was easy .. Well -- after the cool down .. (3 minutes) .. I was only at 13 minutes ..

I pushed the cardio, and entered 15 minutes .. with my age and weight, my cardio heart rate is 133 .. NOW we're talking .. lol .. (I knew what to expect from this .. cuz I did it last time) .. so I did 15 minutes, holding at 133 heart rate .. plus the 3 minute cool down .. I ended up taking up my 31 minutes .. I was "glistening" .. lol lol .. the glistening was falling in my eyes .. lol lol .. but I FELT GREAT !!!!!!

From there I was hungry and stopped at DQ for a $5 buck lunch .. and then went to my suppliment store .. Sunday I'm starting my suppliments up again .. No reason why I haven't started them yet .. It's just my "routine sally" coming out.. that way my week containers will all be full .. lol lol .. But I needed a couple of them .. so I stopped at my suppliment store, and picked them up ..

I went back to the office .. feeling soooo much better ..

There was a note on my desk with a couple of checks to sign .. Kim was gone .. Linda was by herself ... all by herself in that side of the office ..

I took a deeeeeeep breath and took my soda and went next door, sat down, and said "we're going to talk" ..

She finally FINALLY said what she had told Leonard and Jimmy way back in January .. SHE wanted my job ...I explained to her ..that she's getting my job .. What Kim is doing is nothing but a part time clerical work .. SHE was going to be making the decisions, and I apologized, that I wasn't clearer earlier .. and just ASSUMED that it was known ..

She apologized and told me all about her fights with her sister .. She said she's been fighting with that, and that only emphasized her hurts around here ..

I told her that what she is doing now is alot more detail and need for knowledge of the business than what Kim is doing .. Kim is doing clerical entry .. Linda has to know the details of the business .. in everything that she does .. There's research trying to figure out when there's problems with vendor paperwork, and customer paperwork .. it's alot more detail than what I feel that Kim would have been able to handle .. ...

It was a good talk .. Her sister has pretty much cut the family out that helped her through her drug years, and alcohol years, and trouble years .. saying that they were selfish, and self absorbed .. HUH ????? David .. Linda's biological brother is having some severe heart problems .. he's a ticking time bomb; and her sister literally came out and said that "if David dies while I'm down south having my wedding, don't expect me to come back" ..HUH ??? She's doing everything to hurt Linda and Annie .. and I had to play dumb .. Linda sent a letter with synopsis's .. and her sister sent a text back that was the length of a book . Linda said she went back 30 years .. .. 30 years of anger .. even came out and said that their mutual friends .. Linda couldn't hang out with anymore .. ??? WHAAAA???? I wanted to just get up and give Linda a hug .. I knew this conversation was coming because Ben had warned me .. but it still threw me for a loop .. I'm good at playing dumb .. but this one wasn't real .. lol lol ...
I wanted to tell Linda. . just call it a day, and cut the cord .. but that's not Linda .. I tried to explain to her, that even if you get this settled .. it's proven; that it will only come back again .. because SHE doesn't want to settle it .. SHE wants to hold onto these ghosts that are haunting her .. but .. that's not Linda ..

Soooo that was out in the open .. Lois came over, and I picked up my soda cup and made motion to go back to my corner in the warehouse ..

Today I have Kim .. I did a quick proofing of the General ledger during my wind down time, and found that there was a week of payroll that wasn't entered .. and it only jumped out because there was something that was misposted .. on an account that has nothing but a steady weekly number.. lol .. So -- sent a note to our CPA that he will get a revised financials .. and left it for her .. I have to walk a fine line with her as well .. because she beats herself up when she makes mistakes .. "her father was very demeaning" and he haunts her .. I have to keep reassuring that it's only a mistake, and nothing is too detrimental that it can't be fixed .. as long as you admit to it .. and move on ..

Walking a very fine line here !!! and my concerns ... well --my concerns are posted here .. lol lol lol ... the psycho .... er ... psychotherapist doesn't have anyone to talk to .. Mom just gets irritated and she's thrown off kilter, and hubby gives me the MALE point of view .. so .. guess what .. YOU GET IT !!!!! lol lol lol .. this is my release .. :)

I sat down and the problem that hubby was having with the program is a similar problem I have at work ... so thankfully (for him) it was an easy fix .. lol lol He promised he would work on it tonight .. while I'm at my dinner with friends .. :)

I'm THANKFUL I got to the gym .. It REALLY does make a difference !!!!!

Of course ... we have to teach Uli, that exercise does not justify lunching on the M&Ms ... if you remember when he was still new .. he actually found out how to get to our M&M Easter decoration ..

I think he's infatuated with M&M's ... lol lol lol .. and trust me .. so is hubby .. so we have them all over .. lol ..

Looking sooo forward to dinner with friends tonight .. but no leaving at lunch .. taking my "lunch" at 4 today ..

With that being said .. My belly just left out a looonnngggg growl .. so I need to get myself some breakfast .. so we'll talk later .. :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad you got to see your fun unicorns again!

    Enjoy your dinner with your friends!
    221 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    You’ve had quite the week so far. I’m glad you had the talk with Linda. I’m also glad you hit the gym. I need to follow your lead. Looks like Uli will need some gym time too. Too many M&M’s leads to too big of a belly!
    I love your last saying. I always say “Let go, Let God.”
    221 days ago
    221 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Hope you have an awesome day!!
    221 days ago
    Yeah, isn’t it ironic – working your sweat on improves your mood! But, it’s truth! Great job @ the gym. Definitely, the sky is the limit! And glad you went back to your office and felt better. Kudos.

    Good job on keeping the privacy where it needs to be. NOT easy sometimes, but you balanced the line.

    GOOD JOB, Uli. Spark Motivator of the day. Yeah!

    Glad you had a good “sit down” chat w/Linda to get things cleared up. So sorry to hear about the family issues. Substance abusers really do stinkin’ thinkin’. It’s tough. Unfortunately nothing you can do for them until THEY hit a bottom and decide their thinking is stinking. And the aftermath is ending up pushing family away **SIGH** And so sorry that she has the additional problem of her brother’s heart problems. It’s tough to deal with the hurtful things said, for sure.

    Well, happy you have this forum to get your thoughts out and hopefully feel better. You’re juggling lots.

    Glad you got the Turbo-Tax problem fixed and I’ll bet DH has learned his lesson on procrastination. Ok, BWAHAHAHHA, that was a nice dream wasn’t it. I have the same one w/my Himself.

    Whaaaaaaat is little Uli into. M&M’s are not a nutritious lunch for a growing Unicorn. **SIGH**

    Hope that you had a good dinner w/your friends.

    Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday. Sun is out, supposed to get to 50 (or near that anyhow), so . . . . let the day begin.

    221 days ago
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