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Beck Day 3 Eat Sitting Down

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Beck Day 3 Eat Sitting Down

Even though I usually eat sitting down, I probably also eat while standing. I may not even notice HOW much I’ve eaten.
I taken free samples at the store.
I frequently taste food while cooking.
I sneak bites from DHs plate.
I’ve eaten food out of the container.
I’ve eaten unplanned foods spontaneously.

All those calories count.

Sabotaging thought
It won’t matter if I just take one bite.

Why must I commit to eating seated?
I need to become aware of everything I eat.
This is HOW I’ll know I’ve eaten my entire meal.
Eating seated makes it a conscious decision to eat that bite.
Stolen bites are NOT satisfying.
This is HOW I will learn to avoid impulse eating.
Eating standing says it’s okay to give in to the urge to eat.
Eating standing isn’t psychologically satisfying because I need visual satisfaction of my portions.

HOW to eat sitting down consistently.
When I FEEL tempted to eat while standing, STOP and remind myself Why it’s important to eat sitting down.
When I learn to consistently eat sitting down, dieting will be easier.

Write a response card.
Sabotaging thought
I want to eat spontaneously. It’s only a bite. Just a taste.
Helpful thought
Every bite counts. I need to eat sitting down to FEEL satisfied. I need to impose this rule on myself so I can lose weight and maintain my loss.

Sabotaging thought
Its okay just this once to take that bite while standing.
Helpful thought
Just this once will keep me from permanently losing weight.

Commit in writing
When I FEEL like eating while stand I’m going to STOP and tell myself, Every bite counts. I need to eat sitting down.
I’m going to remind myself to eat sitting down by putting pot stirring spoons in a glass of water.

Today's to do list.
Read ARCs at least twice.
Read response cards, as needed. I will read this card daily.
I created a reminder system to remember to eat while seated. Cup of water for spoons.
I sat down while eating.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is one step that is difficult for me, so I know that must mean that I have strong underlying beliefs that tell me it is ok to sample, test food while preparing it, etc. Mostly I think it isn't so much as a belief as it is just being mindless. Yesterday I caught myself taking a pinch of grated cheese and eating it while making lunch. Then I realized that I do that all the time. It was a huge realization that a habit like that could add maybe 50 calories without even thinking about it.

    I love your blogs. You are really doing the hard work and the information you add to each day is helping me so much in thinking about my own journey. emoticon emoticon
    1206 days ago
    Rats, he's lost me again, LOL. First of all, I just don't believe that calories need to be so tightly regulated, especially if what you're eating keeps your BG low. Human bodies are a metabolic system, not a calculator... so how many bites ceases to be pertinent in my world.

    I also break all of the conventional rules: I eat while reading, in front the TV, standing at the counter, very occasionally in the car and out of a container, and I always 'share' what's on my Mr.'s plate, LOL (it's one of the rules of marriage, isn't it?)... and I'm done feeling badly about any of it.

    HOWEVER, I also always eat mindfully in all of the above locations (because I truly appreciate the food that fuels my body), food attractively arranged on a plate (because I appreciate beauty and refinement, and deserve to be treated well), in response to sincere hunger (because food is fuel not entertainment eating is a nurturing act not a knee-jerk response), and I only eat foods I know will support my well-being (I never eat supermarket samples).

    I guess I can see how these exercises can help a person get to a place of mastery over dysfunctional eating, I'm just not comfortable with the underlying implications... primarily CICO and that maintaining weight (or losing weight) needs to be so highly regulated, restrictive and regimented.

    SPICY23 states: "A problem I find is truly believing my ARC statements, particularly when some of the hoped-for results don't materialize." And there's the rub... someone has to be able to say that it's not necessarily your behaviour that is the problem.

    1207 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/10/2018 11:32:59 PM
    This is one that I go back and forth on. I eat mostly sitting down. However, in the morning, I often take a bite of breakfast while I wait prepare my tea. Most of the meal is eaten sitting down. I think I've come to terms with it and have accepted it as good enough.
    1207 days ago
  • SPICY23
    You are on top of it. Determined. Dug in. A problem I find is truly believing my ARC statements, particularly when some of the hoped-for results don't materialize. I hope yours continue to work out for you.

    Peace and Care
    1207 days ago
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