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Monday, April 09, 2018

Okay... energy wise, feeling great! Simple things like grocery shopping no longer feel like the greatest effort. Brought the kids this time, my patience level was great, even when I started to get hungry. Not that long ago, it felt like an immense workout, I was easily distracted, and it didn't take much to feel wiped out and depleted. It was not fun for anybody... :( BUT... that's changing... woohoo.

However... this week... the scale is NOT my friend.

I was essentially losing a pound per day all week (with an increase on Tuesday)... at an 1800 calorie intake per day - well above SP recommendation. Then on the weekend, rest days, I was at the low end of SP suggested, 1200... and the freaking scale went up. WHAT THE BEEP!!! So... was on track for my 2.5 lb weekly loss goal... then boom. Psych... you only get a 1/2 pound weight loss this week FitDiggity.

Bite me... emoticon lol.

I'm convinced good is happening though. My kids have commented, I can see it, I can feel it... so maybe I just need a new scale? LOL! Kidding... kinda! I have had this one forever... YEARS! I honestly don't know when I got it... probably over 10 years old. Never even replaced the battery. Maybe that would help... yet it shows no indication that it needs a new one. But I can step on that puppy 5 consecutive times and not one reading is the same. I would like a new scale though... one that has a few more perks to it... lol.

So anyways... only 1/2 pound loss... but I did see 177.4... which was basically my 2.5 lbs weekly weight loss goal... it just teased me though.

Fitness wise... definitely making progress in the challenge... stamina and endurance is up. Working out feels like what I do again, a part of my life... so that is great!!!

A little concerned with my daughters graduation and then moving coming up. It's going to throw me off kilter... but I'll find my groove again once we get settled into another new place... ho hum.


All in good time... all is good... life is good.

Believe it and so it shall be.



15 mins Restorative Yoga
15 mins Challenge Strength Training - Sit Ups, Push Ups, and Squats
15 mins Jogging through my home (including stairs)

Day of Rest
25 mins RESTORATIVE YOGA with my GIRLS! :)

15 mins Restorative Yoga
20 mins Challenge Strength Training - Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squats and TRICEPS DIP SHRUGS
15 mins Jogging through my home (including stairs)
15 mins RESTORATIVE YOGA with my GIRLS! :)

Day of Rest

15 mins Restorative Yoga
20 mins Challenge Strength Training - Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squats and TRICEPS DIP SHRUGS
25 mins Jogging through my home (including stairs)
35 mins RESTORATIVE YOGA with my GIRLS! :)

Day of Rest
25 mins RESTORATIVE YOGA with my GIRLS! :)

Day of Rest



1. Lose at least 10 lbs and see the 160s!
2. Get outside for a walk or jog at least once before months end - weather permitting.
3. Hmmmmm... need to ponder. Still pondering... lol.


1. Increase workout stamina and endurance! ***Seems to be happening... :)
2. Look and feel healthy for my daughters graduation. ***May 18th
3. Fit into my favorite jeans again. ***Got a ways to go.


01/08/18 - 188.0 lbs
02/04/18 - 181.0 lbs
03/06/18 - 182.0 lbs
03/08/18 - 184.6 lbs
03/16/18 - 178.4 lbs
03/30/18 - 182.8 lbs
04/02/18 - 179.8 lbs
04/09/18 - 179.4 lbs

APRIL WEIGHT GOAL - to lose at least 10 lbs and see the 160s!

0.5 lbs so far... ho hum... lol.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Do not get hung up on a scale... how you feel is so important!
    You are doing awesome!!!
    551 days ago
    Great blog!! You are kicking but, dont let that scale make u feel bad!! Congratulations
    552 days ago
    Glad you're not letting the scale get you down (but I know how you feel, LOL). I agree with the mention of measurements, and if you haven't yet, take some pictures... just for yourself. You'd be surprised what the camera will show you, that the mirror and a scale won't. I certainly was!

    Something else you may want to ponder with regard to the scale is the issue of potential food sensitivities. It was the scale that helped me identify many of mine. Foods which the body finds irritating/aggravating cause immediate inflammation, which causes immediate water retention, which causes a corresponding near-immediate spike on the scale. I once gained 8 lbs. of scale weight in a half day, 13 lbs. by the following morning... no kidding. I also discovered that within the hour of eating something I didn't tolerate, the scale would go up in unreasonable ways. It was great to weigh myself unlimited numbers of times in day and see the fluctuations... completely cured me of any attachment to the numbers on the scale, and I eliminated all food that was harmful to me (potatoes... YIKES!), which allowed me body to then relax and release weight without a struggle. Inflammation (from any cause) always shows up on the scale first.

    Truthfully, if you really want a bells and whistles scale, by all means get one, but my experience with the scale for anything other than a general trend over time has been to realize that any scale will be unreliable, at best simply because the number only represents your body's relationship with gravity... and all that body composition stuff? Well it's also influenced by waayyy too many factors to be truly accurate, too. Pictures and measurements are more reliable.

    For me, your shopping experience and your kid's reactions are the best indicators of how you're doing, and by all accounts, you're doing AWESOME!!!
    552 days ago
    You are doing great!
    552 days ago
    You are doing great and I can't help but remind you of the muscle replacing fat may be going on. Just don't want to see you get trapped into the black hole of numbers on the scale. It will go down eventually and sometimes it will be fast and sometimes it might go up a bit. It all depends on water retention and all that other stuff that I know you know about. Sending you a huge hug because the NSV's are so huge. Just gaining your zest for life again is so important. And that your kids are noticing the difference is also good because I know they are so important to you. emoticon emoticon

    552 days ago
    You are doing great. Frequently documently your meals/fitness has done you wonders. Don't forget your measurements. I believe your body's shape is transforming regardless of what your scale says. Not to mention your new energy level!
    552 days ago
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