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Sitting with My Hunger

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Now that I am eating appropriate portions I think, I am really hungry all the time. It is a real hunger that is caused by my body wanting me to feed those fat cells I think. I am not craving junk food. I will eat healthy food if I sit down and check myself to see what I have eaten so far in the day, and it looks like I haven't gotten enough calories or balanced nutrition in. I will try to see what I am missing and go for that.

I ordered raw apple cider vinegar capsules the other day to help detox my body and help curb my ravenous appetite. I am hungry even a half hour after eating, but I have checked with family and friends and everyone thinks I am definitely eating enough. I have begun to sit with my hunger and try to become okay with that feeling. Mentally and emotionally I have not been okay with hunger pangs for many years ever since my childhood when food was not a given some days. I've gone back and healed some of those food insecurity issues, but now I am trying to be comfortable with being hungry. It's a normal feeling. My husband reassured me last night that there I will always be provided for, that there will always be food in our household, and that I can let go of that worry. The apple cider vinegar capsules are supposed to arrive in the mail today, but I don't think I am going to start taking them until I can be okay with my hunger. I think this is something I have to learn to be okay with before I prevent myself from having to deal with it. I need to grow beyond it before I move beyond it and avoid the issue completely by taking a capsule so I don't have to feel it. Anything that makes you uncomfortable is potentially an area for growth in your life. If I can be okay with my hunger and relearn good cues like hunger that tell us when it is appropriate to eat naturally, it will help me not only with my weight loss but with my permanent healthy living lifestyle from here on out.
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