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Saturday, April 07, 2018

My orthopaedic doctor wrote me a prescription for physical therapy the end of February. At the same time, he told me I could start driving again, starting with local trips and building up from there. I specifically requested a PT within my insurance network. You know how that is. I didn't recognize the name of the doctor or the practice, but it got me thinking. When I was teaching I used to go to a chiropractor, who also had an acupuncturist and a massage therapy person in house, so I decided to call them to find out if they do physical therapy, and they do!!

My first visit was yesterday. I was there for 3 hours!! Detailed paperwork to fill out and an exam to check what I was able to do already. The focus will be on improving my range of motion, strength, and flexibility. There are 2 different neck stretches that I'll be doing, as well as a stretch for my pectoral muscles. I also got my knees adjusted, and DH commented on how much better I was walking when I got home. My left knee feels better this morning too!! They also plan on working with me on a stability ball and with bands. I'm looking forward to getting better!!

April 12th update:
I'm doing really well!! I've bought a new set of resistance bands. My old set had dry rot from lack of use emoticon
I started last Friday, and I go Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Each time I've gone, the PT has added an exercise for me to do. I feel good!!
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