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Beck Ch 3 How Thin People Think

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Beck Ch 3 How Thin People Think

You need to learn HOW to change your mindset to lose weight and learn HOW to maintain weight loss permanently.

With a different mindset you won’t see hunger as an emergency and you will be able to tolerate cravings. You will recognize that there is no unfairness and that all thin people restrict their eating.

Characteristics of overweight people.

Characteristic 1
I confuse hunger with a desire to eat. You must learn HOW to tell the difference between hunger and the desire to eat so you can make better decisions about when it is an appropriate time to eat.
The HOW. Pay attention to HOW your stomach feels before and after eating. Purposely make yourself hungry so you learn HOW to recognize true hunger.

Characteristic 2
I have a low tolerance for hunger and cravings. I allow myself to dwell on my feelings.
Learn that hunger and cravings are not emergencies.
Learn HOW to tolerate those feelings.
Feeling hunger is an emergency is irrational.
You will learn HOW to effectively respond to the emergency thought.
You will learn HOW to refocus your attention and change your thoughts.

Characteristic 3
You like the feeling of being full.
Because you are overly concerned with getting hungry.
You feel deprived unless you eat as much as you want.
You are accustomed to eating large quantities.
You may label the feeling of being overly full as normally full.
You will learn to change your mindset so you FEEL good about being reasonably full.

Character 4
You fool yourself about HOW much you eat.
You will learn HOW to effectively respond to sabotaging thoughts that try to convince you that you must eat.
Sabotaging thoughts override rational thoughts.
Recognizing and effectively responding to sabotaging thoughts is the key change you will practice daily.

Characteristic 5
You comfort yourself with food.
When I’m emotionally upset, I use food to distract myself momentarily from my feelings.
You will learn HOW to use distraction and relaxation to counter sabotaging thoughts and learn HOW to solve the actual problem causing the negative emotions.

Characteristic 6
You feel helpless and hopeless when you gain weight.
The How
You will learn HOW to learn from temporary eating mistakes and HOW immediately recommit to the healthy journey. Learning this increases your confidence.

Characteristic 7
You focus on issues of unfairness.
You will learn HOW to accept the restrictions of a healthy lifestyle to get the rewards of losing weight.

Characteristic 8
You stop dieting when you lose the weight.
Maintainers have changed what they do and HOW they think about food and eating.
You will learn and use CT techniques for the rest of your life.
You will learn HOW to plan, choose healthy foods, resist cravings and resist soothing myself with food. You will learn HOW to counter sabotaging thoughts and learn HOW to motivate yourself to use these skills in the future.

This is a Lifestyle Change
I won’t be able to eat whatever I want or as much as I want for the rest of my life. I will always have to eat carefully. I can plan to eat small portions of high calorie foods, if I want them but my craving for junk foods will decrease. The reward for not eating junk food is permanently maintaining my weight loss.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good recap. Thanks.
    1208 days ago
    Great summary!
    And the BDS program really helps.
    I used to have all the 8 characteristics in the past, now after my 3 years of Beck practice (and counting) I only have a little tendency to #5.
    Indeed it is possible to rewire our brains!


    1209 days ago
  • READY201811
    Something I need to print and read over and over. I am beginning to automatically take all my food and cut in half and fill up with water. Portion size for me was way more than I should have been eating. Which is why the HOW is cruitial. Thanks for sharing
    1209 days ago
    I love so much about this blog, and it very much speaks to the mental and emotional changes that had to happen in order for me to find success on this journey with regard to lifestyle! My mantra has always been: don't do anything to lose the weight, that you aren't willing to do to maintain it.

    Where it still misses the mark for me is that it leaves out the wisdom of the body.

    For instance, fasting cured me of characteristic number one, but not because it taught me what hunger really is, but because it reset the hormones that drive irrational hunger. Once the hormones are reset, there is no excessive hunger, or cravings. Additionally, once those hormones are reset, hunger feels completely different, and eating only until satisfied becomes easy. Fasting also very quickly helps one identify the circumstances around which one is inclined to eat for reasons other than hunger. And the whole calorie thing... when one eats to bring hormones related to appetite, hunger and satiation into line, calories become largely irrelevant (I'm not willing to track food and count calories for the rest of my life... the body isn't a calulator, but a biofeedback system).

    I get the behavioural aspect of this whole process (because habits often form for one reason, and then continue on for very different reasons), but I'm grateful to know that much of my behaviour was a sincere response to what my body was trying to tell me. I wasn't fat because I had no self control, I got fat because I was metabolically deranged.
    1209 days ago
  • GEMINI1977NM
    1209 days ago
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