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Happy Thursday ... deep thinking today .. beware.. will have to learn not to listen to others

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

As crazy as Monday was .. Yesterday was just the opposite .. I had left Kim do the worksheets for sales tax on Monday .. and yesterday I took a lookover .. and with only a couple exceptions .. SHE DID GREAT!!!!! I was proud of her !! and told her so .. it seemed to send her confidence up ..

I helped her with the online portion once she pretty much did it, with me just giving her vocal steps .. I think she did great especially since she's only done this 2 x before .. I just hope that with the confidence I gave her .. she doesn't fall backward again .. that seems to be the pattern .. and now that she explained the reason behind it .. I'm not as frustrated anymore ..

My food was very light yesterday .. I had my scrambled eggs mixed with WW spaghetti .. after I ate it I read the "prep" paperwork, and WW was a nono .. however I had it in the morning, and anticipated it was going to be my big meal for the day .. My thinking is it would make the prep easier once I started taking these pills and drinks and stuff ..

I had 3 chocolate chip cookies throughout the day; and left at 4 .. to come home .. I had no idea what I was to expect last night, and I stopped and picked up a fresh jar of chicken "better than boullion" for today as it's a liquid day (read the instructions to find out alcohol was not considered liquid .. lol lol Scarey that they had to literally put that into the paperwork .. *eek*) ..

For supper I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup .. and really wasn't hungry ..

I also picked up a couple of gallons of white vinegar .. noooooo that has nothing to do with my liquid diet today .. lol .. but I figured since I was home, and well -- close to the restroom, I would clean my coffee pot .. I pour in 12 cups of water, and it gives me less that 10 cups of coffee .. that is sacreligious !!!!! lol lol lol .. Where the extra 2 cups goes I have no idea .. but it's time to clean my pot anyway, and since I "thought" I would have be close to the restroom .. I figured what better day to do all these "odd jobs" ..

At 5:00 I took the pill like I was supposed to and braced myself .. and braced .. and braced .. okay .. getting warm icky feeling .. braced .. braced .. b r a c e d .... nothing .. just started feeing bloated .. WHAAATTTTT ????? lol .. so went to bed .. and well .. slept like the dead ..

Before bed about 8:30 .. I was hungry... and looked at my paperwork, and I could still EAT until Midnight .. so I had a couple slices of ham .. which settled my growlies enough that I could sleep ..

I went to bed, and waited .. and waited .. nope .. still nothing .. so decided .. may as well get my sleep because tonight's "schedule" .. is up at 2 tomorrow morning, in order to finish up the chalk mixture (which I told hubby .. everyone goes EWW .. with my wierd tastebuds .. I just might like it .. lol lol )

I woke up this morning.. just bloated feeling .. and well -- nothing spectacular .. AGAIN .. all this hype and horror stories of people having so many problems ..well --went to my head and scared me .. (once again fear of the unknown) .. down 2 pounds from yesterday morning .. I'm wondering if this is normal .... (of course .. nothing with me is NORMAL ) .. I'm drinking my coffee, which many times "moves things along" normally ..

I have my coffee pot to clean (just made a fresh pot, so I have enough to cover me for awhile .. lol), catching up on some laundry; and will just putze around the house today .. Hubby has left for the Dells .. which makes me happy because he won't be hovering .. I'm thinking if nothing "happens" other than being bloated by about 10 .. I will call and find out if this is normal .. The next "pill" is scheduled for 3 this afternoon .. and then the "chalk" mixture is set for 5 this afternoon .. half .. and then the other half at 2 tomorrow morning ..

Again .. all the stories that I have heard ... only blew it up in my head .. The fear of the unknown .. Even talking to the doctor's office, even though they didn't specifically say things .. ideas were put in my head .. only to find that this once again was blown out of proportion ... I wonder why that happens ??? I think the hardest thing I'll have to deal with today is liquid diet; however, when I came home I made up a batch of lemon jello, I have my fresh chicken boullion; and I have my gatorade/powerade ... Funny how yesterday I could go all day with very little .... (probably because of back door worry) .. and today I'm worried about not being able to eat .. lol lol .. How funny is that ???

But I'm happy ..they didn't take my coffee away from me .. even though I don't have my chocolate almond milk mixed in .. I know I know .. no DAIRY products, but they said no nuts either .. why push the issue .. lol lol lol

Speaking of nuts .. Ohhhh that Uli .. found daddy's pistachio stash .. including my squishie pistachio ..

Funny little guy .. Has to find something to play with each day .. lol lol ..

Today .. hubby is gone to the Dells to get his free money, so I have a quiet day ahead of me .. I have a load of laundry in the washer, I have some putzy things to do throughout the day .. and well -- I may get into my play room and work on those darn chips .. That way I won't be close to the kitchen, and know that my belly is growling .. lol lol oh yea .. and clean my coffee pot .. lol lol ..

Mom called and asked to "rent hubby" tomorrow .. and hubby told her that he was busy with me .. but he can call her when I finish up .. I told him that was fine with me .. if I wanted food ... we have plenty here to eat .. he should just go after I'm done .. but he's my driver in the morning .. she was okay with that .. (she had no choice in the matter .. lol .. however I knew that was going to happen .. when I reminded her about my appointment tomorrow, I didn't think she caught it .. and it does fall on her "2 week" time .. ) so he'll have a busy day tomorrow as well ..

My blog will probably not show up until I get home in the afternoon (for my followers) and because my phone will stay home .. but know I will post SOMETHING I have to keep my streak going here .. Looks like I haven't "missed" a day since mid 2015ish .. ?? I don't want to break my streak ... :) But I will post something tomorrow ..just may be later in the day ..

So -- today was alot of just clearing out my brain .. I hope everyone has a wonderful day .. and talk again tomorrow !!!!
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    224 days ago
    Have a great day!
    224 days ago
    Sounds like you’re doing well w/the prep! Good job. Hope today goes well. I AM SURE IT WILL!!!

    Seriously??? Whoda thunk that Uli likes pistachios! OLittle minx.

    Just take care of YOU. If you can just post an I’M OK, that is good. Otherwise, I sure wouldn’t worry about anything except taking care of YOU!

    224 days ago
    LOL-That's why I've said very little about my experience. Everybody's body is different.
    224 days ago
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