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Happy Wednesday .. Downhill from here !!! make it a fun slide !!!!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

DOH !!! April 3rd and yup -- we have snow .. Mother Nature .. PLEASE take your Prozac ... lol lol .. Thankfully we don't seem to have gotten hit as bad as others around the state .. lol lol ..

Looks like hubby won't be making his Wed Morning Ol'Fart run this morning .. because he doesn't have as much time since he has his Wii bowling as well .. and well -- not good to rush in this kind of weather ...

I made it yesterday .. I told the girls .. no big questions .. anything that requires thinking will have to be put off until later, and/or till Wednesday .. and the abliged .. Kim wanted to work on the sales tax, and I'm thinking we may have to redo it .. I told her "not to think terribly deep into it" .. but she was working on it for a long time .. lol lol .. We have a list of stuff for today .. and thankfully I had a much better night sleep .. We had a deep talk yesterday about the funds .. and had looked through the system .. to see where I could find money .. I didn't find anything, but I got them thinking.. I worked with Linda on a check run .. adjusting the dates .. to make smaller check runs for a bit, and work on bringing the funds back in line .. She's got a bit of backlog of checks .. but that's my fault .. I was the one that always ran the checks and when cash was running short .. I just automatically adjusted the date of what invoices to pull .. I should have thought of that earlier ..

So -- it was a good morning but it was a tough morning .. I helped Linda with a few things in the afternoon, but that was after going to play with my unicorns .. lol lol

and they came out in FULL FORCE !!!! After talking with the people at the stress test .. and picking their brains .. I learned that it's not a bad thing to push the cardio .. so instead of just walking on the treadmill .. I tried the Cardio setting .. and it has you put your age in .. I entered "60" .. (I'm not 61 until the end of the year .. lol) and it set my heart rate for 133 .. I set the speed, and it adjusts the incline to cause more resistance .. Really COOL !!! lol lol .. I got it up to 133; and held it there for 15 minutes, and then went back to the rest of my 30 minutes at my normal flat, and 2.7 mph .. I was soooo proud of myself !!! I extended my boundaries ... be careful what you teach me .. lol lol ..

Next time (probably next week) I want to try the "fat burning" button .. ?? if it's something that I'm not comfortable with .. I can always hit the stop button, or click something else to stop it .. OR just straddle it until I understand what it's doing .. lol lol .. (I don't have the legs for "running" .. ) so we'll see .. :)

But I was stoked for the afternoon, I came back and ate my can of clam chowder soup .. :) and a few peanut butter pretzels .. :) I was fine for the afternoon .. :) and I was AWAKE !!! :)

I helped Linda with her check run, and some simple spreadsheet stuff that Leonard had given her to do .. and then went in back and worked on a spreadsheet download that I had emailed to Linda and Kim .. regarding customer payment statistics .. I worked on the "Dick and Jane" series of how to do that ...

I left at about 4:50 .. and headed for home .. it felt sooo good to be home .. :) however .. I heard about the antics of Uli again .. daddy is awfully lenient ... and well -- it's coming to light now .. lol lol .. Uli knows he can get away with alot .. :)

He and TD had watched how daddy turns on the TV .. and the Wii system .. and I guess they decided they wanted to play yesterday .. I tried to explain to them, they can play; but they have to do it when we are home to help them ...

Then Uli tried seems to have gotten in daddy's phone .. and ended up in the corner ..

for a time out !!!!

He is getting better, but still needs training .. Hubby doesn't understand how to train .. but we used to do that with puppy as well .. when she got too carried away and tooo crazy around the house .. I would pick her up and put her on a chair for a time out .. and I would literally stand in front of the chair and block her from getting down until she settled .. then she could be put back down .. so hubby remembers that I did time outs for puppy when she got too carried away .. he put Uli in a time out .. and well -- it worked ,, he went back up by Hoots .. after he settled .. lol lol lol ..

So that was the Uli story for the day .. He slept through the night and is still quiet this morning .. (probably plotting to see what he can get into today .. lol)

Today I go back to normal .. Kim and I have a list of things to work on .. and I have an appointment (bank guy) coming in to start the process of Linda being the administrator of the bank services .. but that's not until 9:30ish ..

Today is my last day at work this week .. tonight "it " begins .. I'm not worried anymore .. I figured the worst it's going to be is a bad night of IBS .. and tomorrow I have off .. so .. I don't have to play "perky" ..

I already told hubby that I have no idea what I'm going to feel like before or after .. so for the time being .. don't make any plans .. I just want to take one day at a time .. I know him .. we'll finish the test tomorrow, and he'll know that I haven't eaten for a day, and want to "stop for something to eat" .. I already told him no .. I probably just want to come home, and eat at home .. ...

So that begins today .. totally blew my lunch away today ... "they recommend light eating" .. and even though I have been cutting back .. I wanted one more day to "eat what I want .. but Noooooooo" .. *scrunchy face here* ..

Hey .. can I lose weight with this ???

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ???? We shall see !!!!!!?????

Okay -- enough of that ..

I am looking forward to a good day .. I'm hoping to leave today at 4 .. (not taking an official lunch) ..

Hope you have a great day as well ..

Make him wonder every day !!!! :) ENJOY yourself !!!!!

Have a great day !!!

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    I know. What’s the matter w/Mother Natuer anyhow! She’s showing her ugly side!

    Hope you find the cash SOMEWHERE!

    Glad the unicorns came out! Did Uli smell them on you when you got home?? Uli knows the soft touch, doesn’t he! Yup . . . . just like a kid. They figure that out quickly.

    So THAT’S why he ended up in the corner – playing w/the phone. Naughty. Hope he didn’t make any international calls! SHEESH.

    Good luck. You’ll get thru tomorrow and Friday Right there with ya!

    226 days ago
    Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday! Love the picture of the puppy sleeping by the computer! Good luck with the continuing Training. I’ve heard that consistency is key. 😉
    227 days ago
    You have a busy day. Enjoy your time at home!
    227 days ago
    Have a great day!!
    227 days ago
    227 days ago
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