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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I did it! Yesterday I achieved 100% compliance with my pre-planned food plan for the day per Beck Diet Solution, Day 16. I didn't have a great deal of difficulty yesterday; I was motivated! I stuck to breakfast plan with no problem and then I warmed up by walking, ran 3 miles, and cooled down by walking. It was my most humid run of 2018, but I really enjoyed it. The first magnolia blooms (my forehead below)

of the year really got my attention. I drank plenty of water, took my shower promptly following, and wasn't hungry until lunch time when I found my plan sufficient.

When the grandkids came home from school, I gave them milk and the oatmeal-raisin cookies that my neighbor baked us. Hubby is for once really trying to bring down his blood sugar and control his diabetes, so I'm trying to help. I had a cold no calorie drink and didn't even consider having a snack with them.

I did almost slip about 5:15pm. I paid April's bill at Natalie's piano lesson and I saw honey-lemon cough drops in my purse. Although not coughing, my throat felt scratchy and I thought it would feel good. I thought about it, and decided I didn't really need it. I recognized that I was starting to get hungry. Hunger is not an emergency. I can wait. I couldn't convince myself cough drops are medicine not food and would not scuttle my 100% goal.

For supper, it irritated me that hubby decided he did not want the entrée we had planned, but wanted something else. That's okay. I made what was planned anyway and took my planned portion, storing the rest, making him the main dish he wanted. He ate the side dishes with me as planned, but he also wanted asparagus. I came very, very close to not making my 100% compliance. What would it have hurt if I had added 5 spears - or 10 - or 15 - to my supper? Most any other time I would have added asparagus without second thought, but yesterday even my thinking that asparagus would improve my nutrition for the day could not persuade me to abandon my goal of 100% compliance. It is a matter of discipline; it is a matter of accomplishing what I set out to do. It is a matter of strengthening my resistance "muscle".

An idea occurred to me yesterday that I shall try. I truly dislike pre-planning meals. I'm thinking that when my weight is in goal weight range (126-132 pounds) I will not require myself to plan every bite. But when I'm over goal, I will immediately return to pre-planning. I think even the idea of having to pre-plan will dissuade me from overeating! And pre-planning definitely does help me stay in control and lose small gains quickly. We'll see if this will work for me.

Oh, yeah, and by the way, the scale was at 132.4 today. That's close. Very close.

Wishing you a great day of enjoying the journey and making progress toward your goals!!

P.S. Our magnolia tree is getting ready to burst into blossom. Can't wait!

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