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Happy Tuesday !!! Just look at it .. You made it through Monday .. the rest will be a breeze !!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Ohhh my goodness what a day yesterday ... Started with cleaning Jimmy's office, it was either that or letting Leonard clean it .. and well -- that would be a sterilization; and depersonalization ... I told him no .. I would do it .. I was in there anyway checking Jimmy's emails .. and yes .. his desk needed dusting .. so I offered to do it .. I told Leonard, I wasn't doing anything anyway . WRONG ANSWER !!!!! lol lol lol lol That was the wrong thing to say .. I did clean it up .. and in the process found somemore boxes that daddy had made for me for my "computer equipment" .. so I packed those up .. (I was going for my paint brush that I use for cleaning computer keyboards, and narrow areas that hold dust but can't get in with a rag) ...

So I took the box out to the car, and have another one set up for "last minute stuff" ..

I came back in and went next door to "my" desk .. only to be there for only a few minutes .. when I was called over to Kim .. and helped her with the bank rec, and end of the month deposit..

Kim brought in "baseball fun lunch" .. and I had a hamburger; and a spoon of potato salad .. and then I took a little time for me, and cleaned up my last plant .. before I bring it home .. Looks like it will be a couple days before I bring it home ..

After lunch I was working with Kim on something, and at the same time Leonard came up with a project .. I'm trying to detour them from giving me any new projects .. When Jimmy would come to me about something that the girls should be taking over, and know .. I have been sending him to them ... well -- Leonard has a project now, and came to me while I was working with Kim, and at the same time Linda went ahead and ran a check run, and forgot that I had asked her to wait and let me work through it with her .. because we're heading for a cash crunch and there is some manipulation that will be needed ... but she ran it like normal to the tune of $60g .. not to mention it ran all off kilter .. so I ended up voiding the run; and told her we would WE would run it together .. so she went "out of sorts" .. because well -- because the run messed up .. Today is another day .. I will work with her on the corrected run .. Yes .. it was one of those that if it could go wrong it did ..

I never was able to work back at my desk yesterday for much longer than a few minutes at a time .. I'm thankful that I was able to "play in the mud" cleaning up my plant yesterday least THAT was relaxing .. Let's just say .. Yesterday was a MONDAY !!! in every sense of the word .. lol lol lol ..

I left about 4:50 .. and I was pooped .. and was happy to leave !!!!

None the less .. with the cash crunch coming up .. I didn't get much sleep last night .. It was always bad, but being outside of the circle .. and yes -- it was my fault .. because I didn't reign them in soon enough ..they were just going through the process... not looking at the entire circle .. so yes -- I didn't sleep well last night at all ..

I did get home last night from work, and hubby had a full Little Ceasars pepperoni pizza .. YUMMMM !!! I had a few slices, and finished up my peanut butter bakery from the casino that we had brought home after using the last of our March coupons .. lol lol .. Hubby stood in line for the free pizza .. and was surprised when the one that he stopped at gave away a WHOLE pizza ..

Oooo Uli and hubby are turning into a badddddd combo .. Uli took hubby's keys yesterday and hid them .. while hiding himself .. they played hide and go seek for awhile .. lol lol .. It is just like when we first got puppy .. hubby did all the playtime .. (because it was harder training HIM to work with puppy than it was to train puppy) .. and I did all the training work .. lol lol .. Well -- Uli is the same way .. he's starting to behave for me .. but gets into trouble with hubby .. lol lol .. This morning he's just playing a game of peek a boo .. lol lol

He still gets into trouble .. but it's usually when he's unsupervised ..and alone to play with TD for the day .. :) Mom's got to be the disciplinarian .. and he's learning that .. so is starting to behave when mom is around .. lol lol .. Maybe this coming weekend I'll take him over to mom's to meet her .. She's been listening to all of his antics's time for her to meet him I think .. lol lol ..

So--what will come of today ... I'm going to work with Linda on manipulating the check run .. and seriously take a look at the reports, and try and figure out where money is coming from .. It's not like this hasn't happened before .. usually when I let my guard down, and enjoy the easy times too well .. that this causes problems .. and there's one customer that is out there for big dollars, and extended out .. I know they are working on it, because that one I ask about alot .. We've paid for the bills on our end, but not getting the money in .. well -- that just doesn't add up .. so today I will look in my hiding places, work with Linda on a corrected check run .. and see where we end up .. Wish me luck !!!!

I'm hoping to get out during my lunch today and getting to the gym for a "strong walk" .. (now that I know that I can push myself) .. and get some of this tension out of me ..

However .. I DID get a response from my stress test from Friday .. and I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS !!!!! WOOHOO !!!! ME !!!!!!! so this gives me ZERO excuse not to push myself harder ..

I did wear my 2x jeans yesterday .. and well -- by the end of the day .. they were uncomfortable .. but I did it .. :) and I will get them to the point of COMFORTABLE !!!

So ... there was good in yesterday .... and am looking forward to pushing myself to play with my unicorns for today !!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day and we'll talk again later!!!! WOOHOO ME !!!! Always have something to make you smile .. no matter how small !!!

Have a great one !!!!! I'm going to !!! I WILL SUCCEED IN EVERYTHING I ATTEMPT TODAY !!!!!

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