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The power of failure, but success ain't so bad either...

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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Last night I was catching up on my recent Blue Bloods episodes and yes I'm gonna put it out there, Tom Selleck aka Magnum PI was a cutie pie, but dang, Frank Regan is a babe! LOL.. seriously that man just gets more handsome with age... but I digress...

Every episode they share Sunday dinner and a lot of growth takes place, very profound, open and raw conversations are had.

This week they were taking turns sharing their failures and what they took away from it, and the rest of the family then offered up their one liners to help the person see the value of what happened, to put it in perspective, to help them learn and move on...

When it was Jack Frank (the patriarch's) grandson's turn, he asked what's the point of discussing failures and his uncle Jamie said, there's almost nothing to learn from success, failure is the best teacher you'll ever have...

We've all heard some version of that before.. but I feel like that is an incomplete picture.. it's like anything else in life, it's not what happens, but rather how you handle it. If you fail and get up and try again, then failure has served its purpose. However if you fail and give up, what did it really teach you?

Same with success, if you achieved success because you gave it everything you have, and you have now gained a feeling of satisfaction and self confidence that you will do everything in your power to hold onto - how is that not also a learning experience?

The key isn't necessarily what we learn along the way, it's what we remember from what we've learned and how we apply it.

So, take knowledge from both failures and successes and use them to your advantage. Don't discount your efforts or small success or failures because they are the steps that need to be acknowledged along the way.

It's like when you take a test and the teacher doesn't just want to see the answer, but she wants to see how you arrived at that answer. They are usually looking for something specific in the equation.

However, life, unlike a math problem, has multiple correct answers. It may take some time before you find your right answer, but I assure you it does exist, sometimes you just need to study a little bit harder to find it, learn it and live it.

Happy Transformation Tuesday.. What have you learned lately?

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