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morning cuppa spark - april?!

Sunday, April 01, 2018

a new month deserves a new blog. i've been known to say "blink - it's friday!" with each passing week; somehow i can't believe it's already april. our last month in our tropical paradise, before we return to our wilderness paradise in WA state.

so how did i do in march? i maintained. although weight is a tad at the high end this morning, i know i will have it back under control in a day or so. i've been staying right in the range of "perfect" - neither scream weight, top or bottom, appearing. we've eaten "intuitively"; i haven't tracked calories for ages, but it feels like i've learned what i need to eat to stay at the right level. i follow the beck rules - eat sitting down, slowly, mindfully, with the occasional (human) slip; not my food, no choice, no fair. the meals are planned by coffee each morning. i've found a bunch of fun new recipes, especially for the instant pot - and including my very own italian sausages! and a plant-based basic cheese sauce (no cheese - carrots and potatoes!) that turned into a nacho cheese sauce to die for! and a cowboy beans recipe with vegan chorizo (from cauliflower and portobello mushrooms!) that hiking omnivores enjoyed too. links:

vegan italian sausage:

instant pot charro beans with chorizo (vegan)

instant pot cheese sauce (easily made stove top)

for exercise, the running is going great. my goal is one hour; i am running slowly (pleased when the mile is in the 13 range), and have hit 4.5 miles a couple of times; one day i did 4.75 in one hour 6 minutes, and could have kept going. i've had to miss a couple of days for work (if i run, i have a hard time concentrating to get work done in the daytime), but we've now gone running more than 30 times since we've been here - about as consistent as i've been since the days when i "trained" for 10K and half marathons. and my heart rate is down - definite improvements all around. on running days we easily hit the 15,000 step goal with a good margin, but non-running days were harder because of work; fell short of the goal on 10 days. nevertheless - the average daily is over 16,000 steps, and the monthly goals of 500,000 steps and 200 miles were met with a good margin. the best part of running days - we always walk the beach with claire as part of the cool down - her favorite part of the day - and we have actually been able to go swimming a few times in the last week (often the waves are too violent to allow swimming, but we have had calm seas this past week).

as for spark - hanging in by my fingernails. i spin the wheel. my streak is unbroken. i do the wellness quiz; missed a couple of questions (or somehow did not get credit when i thought i had finished 3 and only two were counted). i haven't read blogs, i haven't posted to teams. i'm still hanging in on the weight maintenance challenge. i'm going to try to improve.

and life balance - finding beauty everywhere. photos. learning about the new camera. learning about the new post-processing program. and the garden - spending an hour or so at the end of the work day yanking weeds, zen style. yoga style. if we have been running in the morning, walked the beach in the morning, sunset is usually in the garden. if i've been locked at the computer, we head for the beach. balance.

and there you have it. so april is here. i'll spin the wheel, wellness quizzes. work is still heavy, life still calls. may or may not have more time for spark - will see... meanwhile, hanging in. aiming for the 15k average daily steps, staying in the "perfect" weight range, keeping up the running, enjoying plant-based vegan whole foods (and turning other on to how delicious it can be!).

claire shows us how to enjoy life - she finds her tide pool, smiles her doggie smile, chases her stick or her coconut:

she takes in the scenery while we take our photos on the beach...:

...or in the garden (she is lying down, bored, just outside the fence:-)

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