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Wonderful Weekend

Monday, March 26, 2018

I had a wonderful spring weekend with Helena. She was over Friday while Sherry went to a hair appointment. She loves to watch old Looney Tunes cartoons with me. I enjoy them, too. I forgot how wonderful Mel Blanc was with all those voices. Our favorite is Tweety.

Saturday morning, it was just the two of us at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens Easter Egg Hunt in the children's half-acre garden. (Got to think about Poo!) The hunts are always over in three minutes, but we hung around a while and enjoyed the fragrant smell of early-blooming flowers. The butterflies weren't out yet in the butterfly house, but the turtles were as curious as the children. As we sat on the grass, Helena had two pieces of pizza and water. The person in the dragon suit was avoided at all cost, even though she knows all too well that it was a person. She saw the feet.

After all the walking, when we got back to the apartment, she had to sit on the enclosed porch and "relax". We did have a great time giggling at everything. I forgot how great it was to do that.

Saturday night, we got our pajamas on and watched two movies before we fell asleep - at about 10:30. Up again by 6:30. No Sunday French toast with Grandpa; he slept in and she couldn't wait. A couple bowls off corn flakes for her it was.

Grandpa and Sherry (Lena's momma; my baby girl) joined us for miniature golf and batting cages. Lena and I were the fans in the stands for the batting. She has to be 6 before she could go in and I never could bat. I was always the pitcher. Who knows what the final score was. We spent most of the time fishing out the pretty golf balls from the water traps.

Grandpa HAD to try out the frozen yogurt place. It's a lot better than the one I was taking Lena to. Twenty one flavors and a whole wall of toppings, including cereal (??!!). The price was comparable. I would have tried the coffee that smelled wonderful but I was afraid the caffeine would keep me up. If I would have known that I would have trouble sleeping, I would have gotten some.

Oh, the warm weather when you have a three-and-a-half year old to enjoy it with!
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