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New Highs Mean New Lows (& not in a good way)...

Monday, March 26, 2018

As evidenced from the fact that my last blog was over a year ago, I obviously have not been on track or focused for a very long time! To say that my motivation train derailed would be an understatement... pretty sure it went off a cliff and burst into flames as it hit the bottom of the canyon!

I have really let myself go this year... using everything under the sun as an excuse... work, my health, stress, my hubby's health, finances, lack of time, and anything else that I could possibly come up with. I'm almost back to my heaviest weight (less than 2lbs from it), and my body is feeling it in more ways than one! My back aches every single day, my knees are starting to act up on me again, my feet get tired more quickly, the list could go on and on... basically every part of my body feels all of this extra weight I've allowed to pile back on...

So the following "post" pretty much sums up how I'm feeling:

For accountability & motivational reasons, I want to share where I currently am:

Weight: 280.8 lbs (only 1.9 lbs from highest weight ever)

BMI: 45.1 (only 0.3 less than highest BMI ever)

Upper arms: 16.5 in. (largest size ever)

Chest/Bust: 51 in. (largest size ever)

Waist: 51.5 in. (largest size ever)

Hips: 54.5 in. (largest size ever)

Thighs: 28.75 in. (only 1/4 in. smaller than largest size)

Calves: 17.75 in. (only 1/2 in. smaller than largest size)

TOTAL: 7.75 inches larger than I have ever been

These measurements along w/ the fact that the last time I made it to the gym was almost 9 months ago, is why I have no choice but to buckle down, regain my focus & get my butt back on track, for good this time!

As part of my newfound drive, I'm planning to blog about my journey (the good, bad & ugly) and hopefully that will help me maneuver the bumps in the road a little easier and prevent myself from going off the rails yet again.

Until next time...
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