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Puppy day...

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Cooper-dog had a good day today. He walked close to 8 miles with me. He also got treats, an hour of belly rubs, and was able to take a nap in the sunshine streaming through our apartment windows. Happy dog! I had a good day in some ways... and not so good in others. Isn’t that just the way things go though? The pain was pretty intense today... and I have a new pain that kind of freaks me out. If it is still this intense on Monday I am probably going to call the doctor. I don’t want to, but the location is problematic and she said to call if I developed pain in the area, so... blpft! I enjoyed the sunshine today. I got out for a short run. It’s still rather chilly, even with the sunshine. But it is nice not to be surrounded by clouds and gloom all the time. I am spending the night at my dad’s house tonight. I have been tasked by my siblings with finding out what dad wants to do on the first of April... it will be exactly one year ago that mom died... and there is some question as to whether dad wants company or whether he would rather be left alone. Normally on Sunday evenings we have family dinners with the whole, extended family... but it may be overwhelming for him. I am uncertain if I will attend if there is one. I am more of a type to hide and grieve in private. I see the benefit of gathering together, but groups bother me on a good day, and I have a feeling April First will not be that. I find a lot of solace in my Cooper-dog. There is a reason he is an ESA. There’s a lot he is just not trained to help me with, but the companionship, and unwavering love is worth the world to me. He does not judge. He does not gossip. He has simple needs and requirements. What I give to him in love and attention is mirrored back to me a hundredfold. He motivates me to get out and walk every single day, in all types of weather. He gives me a reason to get up every morning and get myself in gear. And besides... he is awful cute!
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