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morning cuppa spark - march musings...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

phew! what a month. march is *the* month, the heart of "silly season" when my work hits peak. i've barely come up for air for weeks, it seems. barely had time to spark. haven't spent much time on Facebook. certainly haven't blogged. or read blogs. or commented or followed or participated...

march is also the month... when i actually got serious about losing weight in 2012. my sparkiversary shows up as 2009, but it wasn't until 2012 that i actively started using SP. and you can tell that by the streak for weeks of 30 minutes of exercise (yeah, i know, that is what i usually get daily, but that streak started in march 2012 and is currently at 313 weeks; 312 weeks is 6 years. last week. the login streak hit 1050 days yesterday. i missed a day on a trip to sweden three years ago; who knows what that streak would have been had jet lag not messed my brain.

that march in 2012 is when i started tracking - because i couldn't figure out why, when all i ate were healthy foods, i couldn't lose those last 5 lbs (of course, those last 5 lbs brought me to a weight a good 10 lbs higher than where i am today). that was when colleague and fellow sparker striver57, who is my age, my height, and had lost 50 lbs or so on SP by our own 60th birthdays, convinced me that you have to track what you eat. duh! and tracking showed me that even "healthy" foods cannot be eaten in unlimited quantities. and i started losing. i hit the first goal in may, 5 lbs, and kept going. hit the next in june - under 110 for the first time since the 90s! but kept going. and by august, i was down around 103 - exactly where i am now, give or take.

and that held - until march 2014. 18 months, and silly season came along. we had guests here who were unable to exercise; i had work out the kazoo. and i didn't bother changing my eating habits - which had adjusted to a pretty strong exercise level. well, maybe that isn't exactly true - i did change my eating habits, for the worse. anyway, by the end of march i was up 15 lbs, essentially where i had started in 2012, and my wonderful new summer clothes no longer fit. dang it!

back to tracking. back to the right choices. back to sparking. and somewhere along there i found beck (how to think like a thin person). and back to 103. by january 2015, i was hunting for my mother-of-the-bride dress, at 103 lbs, and was hoping it would still fit in october. it did. i know i repeated the beck journey that year. it helped.

a slight blip last summer/fall - scream weight (from barbara berkeley's refuse to regain). another beck journey. a bit of a struggle through the fall, but back to 103-5 now. yup. maintenance.

through much of this i have blogged. and been a faithful sparker. but this march, i've faded a bit, at least in my online life. i have been active in various communities online now for 20 years; i'm feeling more of a need to be outdoors, if not necessarily with people, OUT, and enjoying, whether in the garden, walking the beach, running, walking, with or without the camera (usually with), but there is so little time. and i find myself withdrawing more and more from the online world. permanent? i don't know.

but it is march. and i wanted to report back in. weight is still good (very minor blip this past week, back in control). according to DH, we have been running about 28 times since january - as faithful as it gets. i have had to miss three running days because of work when he has gone without me, but still. the improvement is tremendous from when i nearly died at two miles two months ago. diet - still on target. a few bits of cheese and crackers; giving in to pizza with cheese rather than making my own bean spread, but it hasn't seemed to hurt. and mostly we stick to our plant-based, vegan whole food soups, salads and stir fries. we eat well.

we had a guest earlier this month who had lost 50 lbs recently - i turned him on to SP, and while i don't think he is participating actively, he is tracking. and still losing. so i feel like i lived the spark for a while. he still checks in with me as he hits new lows.

my poor beck buddy is probably wondering where i am. here i am! but i am about to dive in again.

and the fitbit is still keeping us on track (DH now has his own charge 2 and is appreciating seeing *his* steps, as opposed to "ours"). even now, in march, i am still averaging over 15,000 steps daily, albeit some days lower, some higher. gotta take it where i can get it.

ok. must dive back in. i don't know when i'll be back, but i am still spinning the wheel. still doing the wellness quiz. still weighing in on the maintenance challenge. still getting in the steps on an average. still planning the meals each morning. and still, yes still, eating sitting down, slowly, mindfully, remembering (mostly) not my food, oh well, and hunger is not an emergency.


stay well sparkers - spark on!

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