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Work Smarter-Not Harder

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Last week we talked about the importance of lists and did i ever love what each and every one of you had to say! ... Now for today, where do YOU fit when it comes to daily priorities?

Do you find your proverbial bucket list is now bulging with hopes and dreams, yet, when it comes to YOU your bucket has a has a hole in it? ..:: Do your personal desires include the word: "Someday" ... "maybe" or "IF" you can get everything done, just MAYBE you can block out some time for yourself.... say a week from Friday? " And, do your sentences begin with: "I really 'should' ....... Or i had 'better' .... If so, maybe, just maybe you are either:

1. Working too hard and trying to do too much in one day.
2. Trying to take care of everyone ELSE and their dog before you.

If you are feeling ' dog tired' and living on a 'short leash' you may be on the short end of the 'stick.' You may be .... "MAY be" i said, Be suffering from what is known as a 'hyperactive sense of responsibility." ... (I used to specialize in this lol)

"IS THERE A CURE" you ask? "And is this common?"

Yes, this condition is curable and believe me, you are not alone! There is a simple solution, no costly drugs, and no need to pay big bucks in a psychiatrist's office!

"But, how do you know about this condition,?" you ask .

...::: I know firsthand from my own experience I was the one who found myself at the very bottom of the list thinking one of these days I'm going to take some time to really relax, read, or do something fun! Then one day I found the magic cure! ... By making SHORTER lists, I could have LONGER days. Now I think sensibly and have a list of small goals that are usually not more than three or four things per day. It pays to work smarter-not harder!

Aren't we all deserving of more than crumbs and table scraps? .. Make sure you are not giving your best to others but getting crumbs for yourself! And if you are at the bottom of the list it may be time to revise!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! ... emoticon
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