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The Cats and the Carpet Cleaning

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Today the carpet cleaners came. I've been planning for this for some time. Of course, I prepared the house (vacuumed well, moved the breakable items to non-carpeted areas, hung the drapes up off the floor), but the most planning involved what to do with the cats. Their usual refuge, under my bed, was obviously not an option this time. So, before I started moving furniture, I implemented my plot to lock the kitties in the basement.

After putting their beds down there and turning on the space heater, I cleverly (I thought) prepared Bear's dish with his food and water and enticed him to follow me down the stairs. What he didn't know was that I fixed the cat door so that it wouldn't let him back up the stairs. Then I gave Tigger her food. When she walked up to the bowl, I grabbed her and it, and took them both to the basement. At which point, Bear ran back out. After an extended period chasing Bear around the house, I finally managed to wrangle him back into the basement. And then the uproar began. They cried, they howled, they scratched at the door, they banged their little heads against the unyielding cat flap.

Once the carpet cleaners arrived, no more was heard from the basement. Although I have to admit that the steam machine and water pump was so loud that I wouldn't have heard them anyway, even if they had invited all of the cats in the neighborhood in for a catnip party. At one point, I went down the outside steps to the basement and peered through the window. Of Bear I saw no sign, but the reflection from a pair of eyes from the bottom opening of the cat tower revealed Tigger's hidey hole. Once the cleaners left I went downstairs and found two traumatized cats glaring at me from their respective hiding places. Bear reappeared upstairs about a half an hour later. But Tigger required a couple of hours and several cajoling visits (with treats) to make her reappearance.

They seem pretty much back to normal now. I think they've forgiven me. Although Tigger expressed her displeasure by hissing at me when I fed her tonight. I guess I can't really blame her. I wonder what she'll make of the movers when they show up to take all her furniture. But I have no doubt that she'll make her thoughts known.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KAREN608
    Oh yes. Any major changes to a routine are hard on kitties. How dare we turn their world upside down, they are the masters, not us.
    1098 days ago
    Fur babies are so funny! they all have their own little personalities.
    1133 days ago
    Its like its their house ... and you are just living there ! HA ! emoticon
    1133 days ago
    You've gotta do what you've gotta do! I'm sure they will forgive you.
    1133 days ago
  • JANET552
    Oh my!! The vision I have of Bear and Tigger after discovering your treachery is just too much. emoticon It is a good thing cats have short memories. Short is relative though, seems Tigger has some ability to hold a grudge longer than Bear. I hope everything is forgiven today. If they only knew what is yet to be. Poor kitties.
    1133 days ago
    ha ha .. my cats hate the vacuum
    1133 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    Cats and carpet cleaning machines, oh my! I can just imagine, my Lexi doesn’t like anything with a motor. I love the way cats punish their owners! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1134 days ago
  • HHOLT6
    Ooohhh kitties
    1134 days ago
    Love this, reminded me of when my daughter used to visit with her dog at my house in Ohio and I locked the three cats in a bedroom... it took them most of a day to come out after he was gone. But their little brains have short memories, tomorrow all will be forgotten.
    1134 days ago
    Oh Boy!!! They probably think all humans are nuts! I hope things are calm tonight.
    1134 days ago
    Lol...she has attitude! Love cats
    1134 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Oh, my goodness, the drama and trauma of carpet cleaning! Poor kitties. Moving is going to require a whole lot of kitty Valium or whatever it is that they give high anxiety cats nowadays.

    I’m glad you’ve been forgiven. Just trying to push two cats out of my mother-in-law’s bathroom makes me appreciate what you had to go through.
    1134 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    I'm hysterical over here...poor B&T. Poor things don't know the worst is yet to come emoticon The part about banging their little heads against the unyielding cat flap was just too much! I would be as traumatized as they are! I'd be hissing at you for long time to come ;)
    Poor babies! emoticon emoticon
    1134 days ago
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