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Beck Day 11 Report

Monday, March 12, 2018

First let me apologize to Tiger Woods (as if it mattered to him) that I doubted. Second place is a great start to his comeback. So, time for me to get to my own comeback, getting back to the weight I want to be and getting back to the level of running fitness I enjoy.

Yesterday was Beck Day 11, charting hunger, desire for food and cravings all day long. The most obvious experience I had was at 8:30pm when I had a strong craving mostly in my mouth for anything sweet, but probably chocolate would do best. I waited out the craving. It only lasted 10 minutes and I felt satisfied for quite a while after.

My morning breakfast yesterday did not satisfy me. I had 352 calories, 57 carbs, 28 grams protein, 7 fiber, but only 4 fat grams. I felt mild hunger in my mouth and stomach all the way to lunch. That was not my regular breakfast and I'm thinking I probably needed more fat.

Lunch was satisfying and I had no hunger for 2 hours, followed by mild hunger mouth and stomach for 2 hours. It was then 5 o'clock and I felt more hungry with stomach rumblings and a headache. By 5:30 I was shaky and didn't feel good. From 6-6:30pm I was distracted by cooking and not too uncomfortable. I ate at 6:30pm. I ate my nutritious meal slowly, but when I was done I looked at what was left on the table to be put away and almost cried. I could not believe that was all I get for the day. I did not know how I was going to make it to morning when I was still really, really hungry, stomach, head, mouth, all. I had a couple cups of decaf coffee and that helped me settle down. At 7pm and 7:30pm I was still hungry - stomach feeling empty. At 8 pm, amazingly I finally felt satisfied. At 8:30 I had the brief craving that passed. At 9 o'clock I was fine. In the 9:30 half hour I had a thought that I wanted to eat but the thought only last a few seconds and passed. At 10 o'clock no hunger. At 10:30 weak cravings in mouth. At 11 o'clock I had mild hunger in stomach but went to bed. I could not sleep ( wonder if decaf still has too much caffeine?) and felt hungry for the next 3 hours. I got up and had an herbal tea. Didn't help. Got up an hour later and gave in and had a banana. Decided that although on Sunday only had 11 calories left to eat (1589 eaten), I'd count the banana on Monday. Not good, but I then slept.

So, it was not an easy day. I did a good job of recording. Credit for that! And I almost, almost stayed within my eating guidelines.

Today I'm doing Beck Day 12. It is a running day on my schedule. I ate breakfast and then just ran 2 miles. Usually I would have run at least 3, but I didn't want to cause extra hunger on a day I'm skipping lunch. It is noon now and I'm not as hungry as I was yesterday, although I could eat. My hardest time will probably be feeding the granddaughters after school snacks. We'll see.

Hope your experiment of one is going well. Have a great day!
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    Have to say that the same thoughts are running through my head as JHADZHIA. Are you eating enough calories for you? Headaches? Feeling shaky? Or, was the headache and shakiness a withdrawal type reaction?

    Interesting that you essentially felt satisfied come day's end. Excellent job waiting out the cravings!!!

    586 days ago
    586 days ago
    emoticon Good luck with day 12. When I feel woozy, it is usually because my blood sugar has dropped. A headache, for me, is often the need to drink water and eat. I make the mistake of not having enough fat too and without the fat, I don't feel satisfied. Intellectually, I know this but,in practice, for some reason I don't always do it. I know you can do this!
    586 days ago
    Very thorough awareness and recording of your day. I also wonder like Jhadzia if you had enough fat, when I am low on fat, I am hungrier. 1600 calories is a good daily amount, healthy for maintenance and for losing some too with how active you are. It sounds like quite a fight to stay within your calorie cap and endure hunger and cravings too. Is this a day typical for you? I found when I did Days 11 and 12 that I was not as hungry as I thought I was and that brought awareness to how to minimize the "between the ears" perception that I was hungry a lot, when I really wasn't. If this is a typical day for you, you are a very valiant warrior every day in your goal to maintain (and when needed lose) weight
    586 days ago
    I don't like to be hungry and it gives me trouble when I have to go to the kitchen and start cooking our supper. It is so easy to find yourself snacking then. I would do better if supper magically appeared like it does for DH! I think you did a great job on this exercise. It is a hard one for me.
    586 days ago
    587 days ago
    Is that enough calories for you? Does that include the calories burned from any exercise you did? It seems really low for maintenance. Sounds like you did need more fat, less carbs. The fact you are hungry like seems like your body is wanting more nourishment. You did do really well when you tried intuitive eating.
    587 days ago
    HUGS adn sorry about the difficult day. But you made it.
    587 days ago
    Does a glass of water help relieve your hunger pains? It's definitely a deterrent from thinking about food. I'm glad you got past the cravings.
    587 days ago
    Wow, great accurate detail of your assessments, and mega credit for waiting and letting the craving pass by itself.
    I'm sorry about the difficult day and sleepless night.
    587 days ago
    Good luck with your Day 12 "hunger not an emergency" exercise. You've got this. You know you can do it! emoticon
    587 days ago
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