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Kind Of Good News....

Saturday, March 10, 2018

from my doctor's appointment this week. The good news surprise was that my bone density test came back in the normal range! Yes! What a relief! I used to have osteopenia but (due to doing Silver Sneakers twice a week) my bone strength improved. I'm very excited about it. It just goes to show that exercises done on land along with strength training, do improve bone strength.

The other test I had, an ultra sound on my thyroid, showed that the largest nodule is solid. It is 7mm. The doctor said that it isn't big enough to do a fluid biopsy on because the needle is 5mm and the nodule is 7mm. There is apparently too much of a bleeding risk due to the fact that the needle and the nodule are too close in size. It has to be watched very closely. I find this pretty scary. I called an old friend, who had been through this whole thing and had her thyroid removed. (She had a very large solid nodule.) She did a wonderful job of explaining the whole protocol to me. Her explanation was much better than my doctor's. Of course, she is a teacher (like me) and explains things well because of her profession. She made me feel much better. I'm still pretty scared but not freaked out like I was earlier.

I started home PT here at our new house. I like my new physical therapist (so far). She appears to be knowledgeable and helpful. She did some progress testing and gave me a few more pointers on my mobility restrictions. Then, she revised my exercise routine. She is treating both my spinal fracture and my ligament strain (in my shoulder). I'm making some progress.

Hubby and I are adjusting to our new home. We try to go out "exploring" as often as my body will allow. He is much more familiar with the area than I, because he has worked in the area for around 12 years. Hubby's brother graciously came down to visit and to set up all of our technology. (Hubby and I are tech challenged! LOL) Hubby and his brother are out and about today, which is good for both of them. Yesterday, hubby's sister and husband came over and we all went out for lunch. Everyone seemed to like the new house. There is quite a lot to see and do here.

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