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Losing 220 lbs Naturally-Some of My Tricks part 1

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Friday, March 09, 2018

It took me seven long years to lose 220 pounds and maintaining all these 10 or so years is well, just like trying to lose it.

A few of my tricks:

1) Find something that motivates you that you want more than food. Burn it into your thoughts by creating a “inspirational memory” of what this will be like. See, feel, touch, involve all the senses in your “memory.” Call it up when you are facing tough times.

2) Choose only new lifestyle habits that you can do for the long haul. Some diet that you do forages months isn’t going to give you permanent weight loss. Here is the cutting truth. PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS REQUIRES PERMANENT CHANGE.

3) Weight lost fast just comes back. Avoid the pitfall of trying to lose too quickly. You could crash your metabolism and end up with more of a weight issue than you started with.

4) Take time to deal with emotions. Like a cyst, they tend to swell the longer they are uncared for and explode in a big mess. Generally, emotional eaters use food as a band-aid to avoid dealing with the mess. Find time to actually resolve the problem. Sit down when you get appropriate time and make an action plan with baby steps. Work on one step at a time.

5) Empower yourself. Yes, THEY brought goodies home again and aren’t being supportive. I did not have support for my first 100 pounds because nobody thought I could do this. In the past, if THEY brought goodies home, I might eat them out of anger or temptation. Now I request that they be locked up or tucked away out of my sight- I don’t even want to know goodies are in the house. Goodies left out go in the trash. After a few fights, a few throw outs, we had a deal. You have to be ready to stand up for you.

More tips to come...

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