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Bored with my own blogs

Thursday, March 08, 2018

I'm feeling incredibly repetitive these days:

* did the assigned workouts... or
* melted down and didn't do them

* Staying on nutritional track... or
* melted down and succumbed to extra eating.

Right now, I'm feeling the victory of having done the last 8 workouts, leading up to tomorrow as a rest day. But *yawn* been there, done that, and further details don't add a lot.

I'm feeling sore. Looking forward to when I can get that massaged scheduled. Hopefully the rest day will also perk me up!

Weather was sunny today and I opted to do my "form run" outdoors. I'm ready for it to be Spring, already... but clearly Spark friends in SOME parts of the continent are not enjoying even the sunshine as they get hammered with the remnants of Winter storms. It was 42 F, Sunny, and not much wind at 3:30 when I headed out. And I was not alone... lots of dog walkers and at least one other jogger.

Spring and the weather fronts bring another wrinkle to my life: sinus headaches. Between the tree pollen and the passing fronts, and the muscle soreness, and the "a" word (arthritis mentioned once by the doc about one of my knees)... well, I just sound like another old person talking about her aches and pains.

Despite being bored with the repetition in things to write about... life is good. I was reading some really great news from a niece in Salt Lake City on Facebook, and the thought popped into my head: I could actually go VISIT her and her store and her family... because... duh! I'm retired, already! All I have to do is plan for it!

So I guess the transition to retirement mind-set is setting in. I'm starting to consider so many possibilities BEYOND the training and events. A big one is the possibility of inviting a canine companion into my home again... but that's at least a year out. Travel potentials would contra-indicate adding a canine! But every time I see the humane society bring dogs on the news shows... and when I start to reminisce about my Diamond girl...

Any such addition would require 1) getting the fence fixed, and 2) approval / acceptance at least from Prisoner and Rubia... they got here since Diamond's passing!

So, just some rambling thoughts. And hoping things are well with my Spark buds... reminding all of us that the most important decision is not the ones you already made, but the next one, the one you are about to make!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Our Tillie doesn't know she is a dog. Shhhhhh!!!
    127 days ago
    HI Barb! Catching up on several of your blogs and not bored. (Grin)

    I look forward to checking in with you almost daily. That's my accountability. I'm not much of a blogger but look to others for supporting blogs and then I comment. But I fully understand your thinking about it. I remember times past of your creating fresh blog ideas. Always good stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    Hhmm...oh what can I do this day of retirement? I get those and usually I opt for the same ole same ole but every now and again I go for something out of the ordinary. Last week was shopping day with DD. Today is a grandson's morning visit then shipping him to the sitter so I can get my regular exercise in.

    No pets for me. Too much dedication necessary and don't feel that void yet. Family keeps me busy enough. I can see why people connect and adore pets however. I did read somewhere to give yourself one year of retirement before making any added commitments... A trip to visit your niece sounds like a winner to me.

    I am consistently committed to fitness, but pull back on occasion. BALANCE!

    Keep Sparking!
    128 days ago
    Would be lost without my GiGi. Big thumbs up for the dog. There are places to board them when you leave town or I have found a friend or two that will exchange dog sitting duties now and then. The companionship is wonderful. My choice was for an older dog and we have not been disappointed. It's been over a year and she is up to 5 miles comfortably and always by my side
    129 days ago
    Our dog adores our daughter. If Kahlua had her choice she'd move in with her, although DSIL doesn't like dogs and barely tolerates their dog who is much smaller. But, DD adores Kahlua, too, so anytime we leave we have a great available dog sitter. Only time we've had problems is when we all go off together. So, would your son or a friend or a good neighbor be your dog's god-parents? Dogs do add a lot to life. You might even find one who likes to run!! It would add a new dimension to those running workouts.
    130 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    emoticon from a blogger who's boring every day!
    But, the accountability helps, I think.
    The rebellion kicks in, too.
    One day at a time.
    I need to bring Benji over again soon ... you know, DD will be gone full time next school year ... Yikes!
    130 days ago
    You found your answer! Health and fitness are super important goals, but you've GOT this. You've been maintaining a long time and you have taught yourself the vigilance to keep working at it.

    What are your new goals?

    Write a book?

    Take up a musical instrument?

    Save up for a trip to a particular place you've always wanted to see? (Salt Lake City, here you come!)

    Learn a new skill?

    As to a dog, I'm with you on that one. Here's my thinking: I can't adopt a dog while I have Angel the cat. Not happening. When he goes (may he live long, but he's already 16 and I have to be realistic.) I will foster service dogs. People are needed for that. I will get all the love and companionship and daily walks AND I will take the dog traveling with me because the dog has to be with you ALL the time. It will be so hard to give the dog up after a year, I know, but easier knowing that s/he is going to a really important job rather than dying, which is how I will say good bye to my cat. I can't see myself living alone without a familiar.

    Once you've set a new goal, I am looking forward to seeing your blog posts about it!
    130 days ago
    Your title made me laugh. So many times I feel the same way. Bored with my own thoughts!

    Dogs? I thought about it and realized I'd loose the pick-up-and-go-when-I-want retirement pleasures. Even you cats are able to fend for themselves for a day or two with minimal oversight. But, I know the love of a good dog can make my day too!

    131 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Never be bored by blogging. It's a necessary part of routine. Besides you wouldn't want to disappoint your fans!!!
    Ah... the world of possibilities are yours. Looking forward to seeing what you choose to do.
    131 days ago
    Sometimes boredom creeps into our life uninvited and
    unwelcome.Continue to look for bright spots in your day.
    A new canine friend is something to look forward to. HUGS!
    131 days ago
    Smiling about your retirement mindset taking awhile to transition. Been there! The focus needed to get the job done when you're working requires a default “wish I could do that, but I can't because I have to work” way of thinking. It took a lot of practice to shift the default to “I can do whatever I want to do” and to banish “need to/ought to/have to/should”. But, take heart, the transition WILL happen, one delightful self-treat at a time. And isn't this a delightful problem to have! You're doing great and your blogs are NOT boring. Write what you want to, not what you think you ought to. Get it? emoticon
    131 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2018 6:12:21 AM
    I've been there with blog boredom. I had a recent stretch of radio silence because I had nothing to say. I keep a list of blog ideas for future inspiration. But Krizsta is right, eating well and staying fit looks the same every day. So well done on that.
    131 days ago
    Doing well and living a healthy life... well, there are not too many ways to do that, so no wonder it may be repetitive : )
    But I'm impressed with your physical and mental activity levels, and I can only hope I'll do so great when I retire which is 15 years from now!
    131 days ago
    Yes get a dog!
    132 days ago
    You may be bored with your blogs. I am not. But, I understand where you're coming from because I get bored with my own blogs and have, in fact, ditched several potential blogs in recent days. I just could not get myself to click the Post Blog Entry button.

    It's nice to hear that new opportunities are arising from within you ... travel a canine companion. Exciting stuff!

    Have a good rest day tomorrow and remember to fuel for success.
    132 days ago
  • no profile photo SOCCERMOM99
    Go for the dog. It will add a good perspective to your day
    132 days ago
    Don't apologize! It's inspiring to read your blogs (and Mobycarp, Jeanknee, and Slenderella) to assure me that I can still be very active 10+ years from my current 54. Are thinking your canine companion would be a running buddy, too?
    132 days ago
    This is a common feeling once you get settled into retirement. After the constant planning and energy for the transition, things have become routine. But, it does open up new vistas. Pets, volunteering, travel are some ideas.


    132 days ago
    Not to worry about repeating!! We had a rather nice day here as well! The snow on the sidewalks is gone. An occasional curb has piled snow where we tried to cross the street but we’ll deal with it since the temp was over 50!! My arthritis has been wreaking havoc with the fronts and fluctuations but do far no allergy issues!! My hands have been so sore from several types of arthritis. Just finished knitting grandson a sweater. Didn’t help the hands but he’ll get to wear it to reptile gardens tomorrow!! So we keep a’going!!
    132 days ago
    When your Training commitments permit go visit your niece! emoticon
    132 days ago
    Diamond was beautiful! I hope you will get to add another dog to your home. I wonder if you will get a smaller one, or one similar in size to Diamond. She looked like she could keep up with you on your runs.
    132 days ago
    A great looking dog. Hope you had a wonderful day, even if it is repetitive.
    132 days ago
    Yes yes yes to a dog dog dog!!
    132 days ago
    LOVE your Diamond gal. What a beauty!

    Yup, you're getting into the retirement thing! good for you, Barb
    132 days ago
  • B49193
    132 days ago
    Enjoyed your blog, don't worry about being repetitive, most of us older SP forget what we read anyhow, so its all new again :)

    What a regal looking gal, Diamond is such an appropriate name name for her. I still miss my furry, but cannot get another for several reasons.
    132 days ago
    Your title made me smile! But the fact that you feel your blogs are repetitive of course means that you are doing great and being consistent, and a lot of us need to see your good example, so blog on!

    What a magnificent dog your Diamond girl was! I love her looks, and she has such a sweet expression in this photo.

    Hope you can turn your Salt Lake City trip idea into reality!
    132 days ago
  • no profile photo BONDMANUS2002
    Keep on!!!
    132 days ago
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