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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Okay y'all, we're trying something today. SparkPeople's website no longer supports video blogs. This is sad news for this hooper/singalong/dogwalking SparkNerd. Coach Jen suggested I post links from YouTube. I'm reluctantly trying that. YouTube is a big, scary world. But I miss chatting with y'all, so we're gonna give it a go. One positive from this is that you can watch YT videos on your phone and you couldn't with SP vlogs. So there's a silver lining, right? We'll see how it goes.

Here is a short, riveting video of me and Bubba taking a walk. You will be thrilled. It's amazing.

Quick update: Randy is doing FANTASTIC. He's like the Wonder Patient. Within the last month or so, he's lost 21 pounds, gone down two jeans sizes, and his sugar numbers are good for a NORMAL person. I'm so proud of him!

This guy is incredible!

Air Fryer update: We finally got ours. It still reminds me of an incubator for baby chickens. So far I've roasted chicken and some veggies. Honestly, I'm not sure how this is better than an oven, but it's fun to stand there and watch it cook. Audrey calls it a Glorified Easy Bake Oven. I tend to agree.

Chicken and veggies I roasted. It took approximately three days to cook because--I don't know what the Amish people are feeding their chickens in Ohio, but suffice it to say they're eating well. Next time, smaller pieces of chicken, much smaller.

Overall, I'm not dancing in the streets over the pressure cooker or the air fryer. They're cool, but they'd probably be even cooler if I were a better cook. I'm guessing skill comes into play here. I keep trying new things and I'm almost 50/50 on how things turn out. Gonna have to settle for those odds.

Still staying super active, walking, hooping, etc. I won this award on my Apple Watch.

I can't remember what is was for, but whatever it was, I did it 100 times. I'm guessing, anyway...

Speaking of numbers, check out this set my amazing Arts Team built for $32. Posterboard, paper clips and paracord. No lie. These people are brilliant.

Gonna wrap this up. Just wanted to do a little trial run of a WorkAround SparkVlog. I'll try to make it more interesting next time, but seriously, how can you get enough of Bubba? You can't. I'll leave you with my latest googly-eyed creation.

I fixed the air freshener in the Waffle House. It's way better now.

Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CARD512002
    233 days ago
    Love it! And congrats to Randy! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1018 days ago
  • LUV2RUN72
    First, Bubba is adorable!! Second, so glad Randy is doing so well. Third, I use my Instant pot all the time! Several times a day sometimes. For me, it has been wonderful. This may be because I already cook a lot, mostly from scratch. In my kitchen endeavors, the Instant Pot saves me time & money.
    1032 days ago
    Subscribed to your yt channel. Checked out your previous videos also. The letter from your Mom grabbed my heart. Wiping away tears.
    1033 days ago
    Thanks for sharing the YT link. (I won't send you a comment over YT however...)
    Keep walking.
    1035 days ago
    Spark on, Shelli!
    1046 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    I checked out your YouTube video and loved it. I don’t know how you manage to always come up with the mood music that is so funny and dead on for setting the ambiance, but you do, you’re so talented. Give Bubba a big mushy scruff to the face with a “good boy” from me. emoticon
    1051 days ago
    Oh, I loved your vlogs. Didn't know they got rid of them. Going to go and watch your youtube video.
    Glad your hubby is doing well. And, love the googly eyed air freshener!! You're just awesome!!
    1051 days ago
    I love the googly eyes, as usual. I enjoy imagining the reactions of the Waffle House customers when they see the air freshener. I wouldn't want to put videos on YouTube, either. Waaaay too public. I put stuff on SP I don't put anywhere else. I wish SP wouldn't make all these horrible changes.
    1053 days ago
    I’ve considered video blogging but I have such awful self esteem. I may try anyway. We shall see. P.S. I love your fix for the air freshener :D
    1054 days ago
    I loved the utube video
    but --- more then spark people can see it --right... yikes indeed ...
    I would not put my weight journey on utube --- I am so very sad ...

    LOVED the picture of you and hubby... glad he is doing well

    great set -you have some good artists working/helping you.

    well Shelli I will see you on utube

    1054 days ago
    At least you can still have links for videos. Whoohoo for Randy, big cheers for his hard work and results so far! Keep on trying with the new equipment, I'm sure you can make it work somehow.
    1056 days ago
    1056 days ago
    Such fun! Loved the walk with Bubba! :)
    1056 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Another change to make things more inconvenient for sparkers is to force people to leave or post on another site. I will not post on the YT site, but here.
    Randy looks great, I agree with Audrey 100%, BTW, what is our little hooper-sister doing lately?) and you hair looks great!
    1057 days ago
    The connect to YT worked. I'm sad for that SP doesn't support vlogs anymore because I think some will be less likely to share. I hope you give it a decent challenge, cuz your vlogs were so fun. And also, difficult to comment if you have to flip back and forth. Ah well, I guess SP thinks this is progress. NOT!
    1057 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Well done Randy - keep it up!!!
    1057 days ago
    Bubba is adorable! Now that's a face that belongs in movies, (or you tube)! I will miss your video blogs, I was unaware that Sparks had stopped them, so sad! Great news for your hubs, he's doing amazing! And thanks for the updates on the air fryer and pressure cooker. I'm thinking I'll stick with my oven and crock pot. I understand them! lol! Have a great week!
    1057 days ago
    My favorite thing about the pressure cooker (I have the instant pot) is that I can do things at the last minute. I can NEVER think or plan for dinner until it's time. Now I can cook that frozen chicken to tenderness in like 30 minutes. SO happy for husband's numbers. Such good news.
    1057 days ago
    it was so good to read one of your blogs again. I watched the walk with Bubba. It was fun watching and listening to you speak to us once again. I'm glad that Randy is doing so well. A bunch of kiddo's to him.
    1057 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Randy! That is so terrific to read. Knowing that the disease is there, and making the right choices is the name of the game.

    I agree with you on the Instapot thing. My son bought me one for Christmas, and I'm not really sure that this was for me. My hubby and I don't eat like that anymore, and this newfangled gadget I'm finding out is not so much for me. I just like the old fashioned way of using the oven, and the crockpot. Now that I'm retired I have all the time in the world to make dinner.

    I liked the YouTube video, but I'm with you it kinda feels so "out there". Wonder why Spark doesn't support video blogs anymore.

    1057 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Awesome news about Randy!

    Could you come googly-eye my air fresheners?!
    1057 days ago
    That is fantastic that Randy has done so well! Sending healthy vibes that it continues. Awesome. Of COURSE you cannot get enough of Bubba. What a sweetie.

    LOVE the improvement on the air freshner. Looks MUCH better.
    1057 days ago
    Oh Shelly. I miss your videos a lot! I was able to watch the video on YT today. Good one.

    I have an air cooker, but the plastic lid cracked and now we can't use it! Boooo! I loved it! But there really is no difference than using the convection oven. LOL

    Looking forward to your next vlog!


    1058 days ago
    Congrats to Randy on his great progress! I will miss your vlogs here...change is not always good LOL. I did check out your walk with Bubba on YouTube...that face of his! "Hair purgatory" made me laugh...good luck growing it out. How long are you thinking? emoticon
    1058 days ago
    OH NO!!! I love your vlogs. Too bad SP no longer supports video blogs. So, yes I'll be checking those out on YouTube videos when you post a link.

    I think your hair looks cute, but I understand about the agony of going from a short length to a longer length hair. You're still adorable and of course, so is Bubba!

    You and Randy are such a cute couple. Sounds like he's doing great!

    1058 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/5/2018 12:41:41 PM
    emoticon for Randy - great progress! Will miss your vlogs but have recently caved in to a bit of Youtube viewing so I'll see you there!
    1058 days ago
    I enjoyed your walking video. emoticon
    1058 days ago
  • DELIKENS2014
    I hate change. I find comfort in same old things every day. I guess once I get used to the changes forced on us by Sparkpeople, I'll be more accepting.
    I do love your Bubba. My furbaby died two years ago. I'm thinking it's time to get a new friend to take on walks around the neighborhood.
    I just bought myself an Airfryer. I admit my first batch of fried potatoes were overdone, but I've adjusted the time and temps and they are coming out delicious. I have even done chicken strips in the air fryer. It works out just right for me as I am cooking for one and it allows me to cook single portions in a relatively short time.
    Don't forget that as you take care of Randy to take care of yourself. You give so much to others. You need to remember that you also have needs that need to be met.

    1058 days ago
    "Hair purgatory" made me LOL!
    I left a comment on your YT vid.
    Have an awesome week!
    1058 days ago
    great that things are going good the u tube went fine thank you
    1058 days ago
    How come SP no longer support vlogs?? Oh, no! emoticon Though YT worked pretty well, I agree with you and the sense of safety.
    emoticon to Randy! emoticon That's a lovely photo of such a sweet couple.
    About the fryer and pressure cooker, at least you're giving them a chance emoticon It's a trial and error thingy with household items. If I told you the many kitchen stuff that I've bought to then let them go emoticon Congrats on the award and the awesome set you built on 32 bucks! Love the air freshener.

    1058 days ago
    You have Bubba, the Wonder Dog, and now Randy, the Wonder Patient. Woo Hoo you!! Seriously, Randy is really doing very well. He's just going to have to keep at it. You know how that is! The link to the video worked without a hitch! Good to see your cheerful self again! I like your hair this way. Your walk was in good weather. We just went through one nor'easter, and another one is headed our way Wednesday. It IS still winter. I guess Mother Nature is just reminding us of that. Have a great week!
    1058 days ago
    I loved your video as I always enjoy your walks with Bubba! Glad to hear Randy is doing so well!

    emoticon emoticon
    1058 days ago
    Thanks for the air fryer update. I’ve been wondering how you liked it.
    Also, great news about Randy!
    Have a great day!

    1058 days ago
    Congrats to Randy on the weight loss!

    You are busy as always, but glad to see a blog from you. I will have to check out your youtube vlog.
    1058 days ago
    I have not been enjoying Spark people the way I use to it does not feel the same somehow too big. I use to feel comfortable sharing and talking on the site and it has helped me be accountable for my weight and maintaining good health habits.
    It was nice to see your your tube clip but again this is very different to just been private on Sparks.It may mean you get very selective about what you share. Bubba looking hansome.
    Randy is doing great and you are on the journey together not sure about the kitchen tools I think they would complicate my cooking although I have used my small pressure cooker for years.
    Take care and have a good week
    1058 days ago
    Gotta love Bubba!

    WooHoo for Randy!!!
    1058 days ago
    Wow. Congratulations Randy doing great thank you for the update
    1058 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon emoticon Your Blog on You Tube-----EXCELLENT!
    1058 days ago
    Nice video,
    1058 days ago
    Shelli, I think of you every time I see those stick-on eyes. I even bought myself some, but never remember to take them with me.
    1058 days ago
    Congrats to Randy!
    1058 days ago
    Yea you for all you and your peeps do! You have great sticktuitus with your new gadgets! My sister uses her air fryer mainly for her hubby's chicken. He prefers it done in the air fryer as compared to the Nuwave oven. I personally believe he is lucky he gets any chicken. Oh well.
    1058 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    The link works & I like the quality much better! Love the googling eyes! So fun!
    1058 days ago
    WOW!!!! I am so proud of you and Randy!!!! The two of you are busting the seams open and going in new directions, literally!!!!!

    I enjoyed your walk with Bubba and you're correct, Youtube can be a scary place and it's out there for ALL to see and we had a nice cozy set up in SP Land but the apple cart has been turned over and I am not sure how I feel about it, yet.

    I was ready to get me an Air Fryer but based on your comments, I will wait for a time before I buy something like that.


    - Nancy Jean -
    1058 days ago
    Unfortunately I couldn’t get you tube to play it.
    1058 days ago
    First of all, you two look fantastic and I love your hair like that!! I know it's way different for you, but I think it looks great! The video worked well. I sure understand your hesitancy but it did work! I like your music that you put with it...! Your chicken and veggies---interesting! I bought an Instant Pot, or whatever it's called for my DH for his birthday at the end of this month. I dunno... we'll see. Randy is doing MUCH better than mine at addressing the pre-diabetes! My DH has lost some weight but has already fallen back into some old habits (like cheetos at bedtime). Love-love-love that set your team made! That's awesome!! That little air freshener is vey cute! Sure glad to hear you all are doing well!!
    1058 days ago
    Please tell Randy... Way to Go!!!!

    emoticon You are doing great with trying new things in the kitchen!

    PS that is a huge chicken drumstick!!!
    1058 days ago
    I enjoyed your video! emoticon
    1058 days ago
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