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Better grab a cuppa; this one got away from me...

Friday, March 02, 2018

Yesterday, I saw a FB post praising a local shopkeeper on their specialty tea blend that helped their parent with their gout. As I am not one to ignore hints from the Universe, I got in contact with the shopkeeper and asked about PCOS and insulin resistance. Turns out they'd never heard of PCOS. Big shocker there. I'm assuming I was talking to the male half of the married duo. *lol* He's a really cool bloke, met him at a festival last year, has an amazing artistic gift. He and his wife come into my work every so often. Anyway, he did his homework and came up with a few things even I hadn't thought about, and he let me know what they did and didn't carry in shop. He mentioned that they will be getting into making their own tea blends sometime this year... I swear I'll get up there someday. *lol* It wouldn't be a problem to go after work some time... but they're kind of in the opposite direction of home, and after work I just want peace and quiet in my Fortress of Solitude, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Aaaaaaanyway, I putzed about online last night before bed doing some homework of my own, and after reading so much about apple cider vinegar I thought hey, why not. One tablespoon in a cup of water sounds like no big deal. If I can slam shots of Nyquil I can pound vinegar water. Let's face it; I'm the girl who used to do shots of pure lemon juice with my bestie just to see who would flinch first. *lol* I wish I still had that poker face!

Dudes... it was gross. I did it, but it was unpleasant. I've chugged worse. Ever had Fat Tire beer? It tastes like nail polish remover smells. Oh, and Vinegar Burps. *gag* Once again, I've experienced worse, but still...

Having a cuppa of green tea with lemon after breakfast was much nicer. :)

Anyway, I've got this whole nice long list of teas and herbage to try, and a couple of supplements for insulin resistance that come with rave reviews all over the place are coming in the mail.

And speaking of, right now I've got one of those 7-day medicine thingies in my bathroom... I think I might separate all my supplements into baggies and put them in a fishbowl. That way I can grab and go so I won't forget them. I have a bad bad habit of going out for breakfast with Jonathan, forgetting my vitamins, and then forgetting to take the damn things when I get home. I'm always trying to come up with things that make this whole process more fun. I've got pearls in votive cups to track my weight loss. I've got a vision board that has lots of snarky, sarcastic as hell, hilarious things pinned to it (my personal favorite is "Run like you're late for tea with Tom Hiddleston"). I've got multiple refillable bottles of water, hilarious fitness tees (Jake from Adventure Time morphed with a killer set of abs that says "Fitness Time!" and a Star Trek one that says "Dammit Gym"), several playlists on my phone ("Rise and Grind", "You hit the drum, I shake the booty", "Rope Skippin' Mix", to name a few)... I try to make things FUN. That's who I am. I don't do repetitive and boring.

Now, if only I could get Jon to do more physical things with me... other than that. Boy, you're a naughty reader, aren't you. ;) When he first moved up here, before he found a job, we'd go for walkies, we'd go to the park and play Frisbee, we'd walk the beach... but after he found work he's all about doing the bare minimum when he gets home. Don't get me wrong, he still does housework and mows the lawn and works on the house... but he's not into exercise. He says he should, but then he follows up with "ugh, but it's so haaaaaaard and I'm laaaaaaazy." *lol* Seriously, he knows he's being lazy and owns up to it.

He tells me that when he was in the marines all he did, when he wasn't working, was work out. Run, eat, workout, eat, run some more, eat, workout. He said at one point he was pretty ripped with a ridiculously low body fat percentage. "But it sucked!" he says to me. "It was hard to keep that up! Constant! If I had anything better to do with my time I wouldn't have been so fit, but that's pretty much all we did in our down time." He's got some great stories about running, though. Every time he starts off with "Me and Torres..." you know it's about to be funny. :D

He managed to pull one over on me like he used to do to his squad. What he would do is start the run at a certain pace, and once everyone got comfortable he'd very slowly start speeding up. He wouldn't say anything, just increase the pace. By the time they were done they were moving at a pretty good clip, and half the squad was puking on the side of the road. He found it HILARIOUS. Anyway, we were out walking, and he pulled this same crap on me! I knew something wasn't right, but I assumed it was me! I am shorter, my legs are shorter, I have to either take longer steps or move twice as fast to keep up with him. That assjacket was moving faster and faster and I was keeping up while thinking I was actually falling behind and I was tiring faster because something must be wrong with me and oh god am I THIS out of shape??? By the time we were done I was DYING and the backs of my ankles had bled through my socks and all over my shoes and I was 110% DONE... and then he started LAUGHING at me. He told me what he did, and then said "You'd make a good Marine! You just follow silent orders without question! Good job."

This was four years ago. I still haven't forgiven him.

He said he'd like to get back to working out, to running... I love him, I do, but I'll believe it when I see it. :)

Anywho... new month, new outlook. Last month was kind of crap. My weight goes up and down and up and down but never leaves the high 180's. I keep telling myself I can do more. Can move more. This last week I've been utterly exhausted. I came home from work, lay down on my couch, and thought... "Holy cow, this couch has never been this comfortable. I never noticed this. Bliss." *snort* Menstrual cramps came and booted me in the nethers yesterday so that answered some questions, but it's all sound and no fury as my uterus dons sunglasses, gives me the finger-guns, whispers, "Psyche!" and goes back to just taking up space in my lower abdomen. She's kind of a jerk, sometimes. But like me, she just has bad chemicals messing with her. Now that I've finally got my brain chemicals straight, it's time to work on other things.

And speaking of uteruses... uterii? Everything I looked for online about supplements and programs and such are all aimed at getting pregnant, which is NOT what I want. Just because I have the equipment doesn't mean I want to use it. I want to be healthy for ME, not so I can manufacture mini-me's. No one wants that. It's kind of irritating, as everything is marketed for fertility and ovulation and baby-making. Nooooo. Nope. Uh-uh. Get thee behind me.

Hm. Yeah, this entry got away from me. But that's how I roll.
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    Like you, I've read LOTs of stuff about how great ACV is--but find it hard to keep up as a regular routine.
    382 days ago
    I had a client whose son played college football and they told some of the players that if they drank a pint of ACV their marijuana test would come back negative. Sunday afternoon, before skull practice, films, and peeing in a cup, these players would choke down the vinegar only to fail the marijuana test. The next week they were advising some other players of the miracle of ACV. He said it was fun to watch them try to drink the vinegar!

    Keep on keeping on!

    Make today the greatest day of your life,
    emoticon Until tomorrow!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    "Better understated than overstated. Let people be surprised that it was more than you promised and easier than you said."
    — Jim Rohn
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    382 days ago
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