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afternoon cuppa spark - february-march maintenance

Thursday, March 01, 2018

wow - that month flew by... crazy with work. little time for much else, but we made time for priorities - good healthy plant-based whole food meals, step goals - and running. yes - running. because the month started with galloway run-walk on the first two running days, but after that i started running, albeit much more slowly than the run-walk intervals. still, i was struggling to hit 4 miles at first (which is better than struggling to hit 3!), and my pace was snail slow. my heart rate - according to my fancy shmancy fitbit charge 2, which replaced my trusty One that had stepped so many miles - was constantly at peak at the beginning of the month, even with the slow running. well, we consistently ran Every. Other: Day. maybe two days we called, one for exhaustion, the other for a deluge of rain. and i consistently ran slowly - messing with the pace with my play list. i finally found that the 150 BPM list i made years ago when i was training for half marathons was perfect. and when i ran today, it all came together - average heart rate was perfect for "low heart rate running", 40 minutes at "cardio" and 20 minutes at "peak" (instead of just about all at peak). and best of all - 4.5 miles in one hour. feeling really really fit. and we are committed to keeping it going.

weight - the running seems to have charged up my metabolism, because the scale is extremely happy. but we keep healthy foods in the house, eat solid planned meals - simple balanced snack when necessary, but absolutely no cravings. a couple of times i have succumbed to "not my food" - aka cheese - but not out of control. and i have passed it up far more times (it is out every day, DH will not give it up). so beck's not my food-no choice-planning has been working. i am not tracking, eating intuitively. following the plan for each day, planning each day by coffee.

This.Is.Maintenance - feeling like i finally *am* living like a thin person. yay beck!

i have not had much time for sparkpeople, but i have consistently spun the wheel. and the wellness quiz. it will have to do for now. i have written weekly blogs, instead of daily, or even 5 days per week, but that is all that time is allowing. this is silly season, when work is essentially round the clock.

the place that suffers most is sleep - i could use a 30 hour day, oh well. doing my best.

our morning run is always followed by a walk on the beach - claire's time to run, chase coconuts - or sticks, and cool off at the edge of the surf. today she found a tidepool that was Just Right - though she was not brave enough to swim to the middle, which was thigh deep for me! and we were actually able to swim today, only the second time since we arrived. now to work...
coconut claire:

claire's tidepool

finding a stick

mean mom threw the stick in the middle of the "pond"; if i give it the border collie eye maybe it will come to me... or mom will get it

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