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Second Monday after surgery...

Monday, February 26, 2018

Hello friends,

I'm doing pretty well since the rotator cuff surgery on the 14th. My helpers, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, went home yesterday. Boy do I miss them today.
DH and I have been trying to decide when I should return to work. Since my vacation time needs to accrue, even though I've been with the company for 16 years, I didn't have any personal/vacation time to use. So I'm not being paid for these two weeks off. emoticon

So, our options are for me to go back with limited mobility, which is going to remain limited for another month to 6 weeks, or stay home, without pay, and work on healing for that same time period.
While we're not hurting without my pay since we do have some savings, we would be digging into those savings which was originally meant for a trip to Scotland. We'll more than likely need to dig into it for these last two weeks anyway.

Everyone I've spoken to, outside of work, say I should stay home. As most of my friends here on Sparks know, my job is very stressful. I went to the office last Friday to discuss this with them and my daughter-in-law said my shoulders were up around my ears just speaking with my managers. Mind you, my left shoulder needs to remain completely relaxed if I don't want to have a repeat of this surgery. My doctor really hasn't been much help with this, leaving it up to me what I want to do since he says most patients go back to work as soon as possible as they can't afford the time off.

Another consideration is my DH. He had a biopsy in January for his prostate. It came back showing a small spot. While his Urologist believes it's nothing to worry about, he still wants to do a "Fusion Biopsy" to make certain. That is coming up on February 28th. That may also cut into our savings. Our medical insurance is not great. Our out-of-pocket is $5,000.00 A PIECE.

So, yeah. While he had been thinking it's best for me to stay home for the full amount of time until I can start moving it, he's changed his mind this morning thinking I should at least "try" it for a day or two.

Yes, he's probably right in that I'll be going crazy before a week is up cause I'm used to working. And I am having some difficulty, already, since the house has been empty since 9:00 am, keeping from doing ANYTHING that could hurt me. I can't decide what would be best. Guess I'll try working Wednesday and see what happens.

On the plus side, my "Helper" says she could come back if we find that we need her to do so. While my granddaughter is only two, and didn't warm up to me much because of the bulky sling, she's a joy to have close by. Even if it's only for a few weeks.

Sorry this is long. Have enough to think about over the next two days that sometimes it's good to get it out there and off the proverbial shoulders, so to speak.
Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through.
This was pretty hard and lengthy typing it all out one handed. emoticon emoticon
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