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morning cuppa spark - beck check and finally not behind...

Sunday, February 25, 2018

and blink, another week has passed. but in that week, a remarkable thing happened - i got caught up! well, until i fell behind again, which i probably am now, but it sure felt good for a day or so. we woke up on thursday which should have been a running day and decided it was a day to just take it easy, walk the beach with our cameras, pull weeds in the garden, and LIVE. we ran on friday. and the running is going great - slow and easy, i can manage an hour now, and my heart rate is now more in the "cardio" zone and less in the peak; when i started, the entire time was in peak. no wonder i was exhausted afterwards. the best part of the run, though, is the stroll on the beach after we stretch. claire loves it. we throw her stick or coconut, and she chases it and then lies at the edge of the surf while the water rushes around her. and we laugh.

ah yes, back to beck. i am totally on remote now. breakfast the same every day. keeping it simple. our lunches have been so filling that we haven't needed anything more until dinner, and we've repeated the meals three days running so planning has been easy.

so that is exercise... we've been getting in the steps on running days, hitting the 15,000 step goal before lunch, but falling short on non-running days. hasn't mattered, it averages out, and more than hit the 105,000 goal for the week.

and food - easy peasy, cook twice, eat all week.

and then there is sleep - and that has been tough. DH finally realized that i needed to sleep in a morning or two. he wanted to get up as early as possible to run before it got too hot, but that was really taking it out of my sleep hours. so we seem to have struck a better balance there.

work - caught up for a day or so.

and balance in life - photos and the beach!

and did i mention that the scale is happy? 1-2 lbs below maintenance goal.

not complaining...
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