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The Surprising Benefits of Fasting

Sunday, February 18, 2018

So after many years of plateauing, my weight started to creep up. I must do something about this since it's not a good sign. I listened to people who talked about autophagy (getting rid of bad cells, garbage collection) from caloric restrictions. I also noticed that when I was sick with coughing from the flu or bronchitis back in December, I lost some weight because I wasn't eating.

Without any preparation, I got started last weekend. I was going to do 2-day fasting on Sat and Sun. I have never done this before and any attempt at fasting when I was much younger always resulted in failure. So on Sat morning as I was about to prepare breakfast, I thought why not start now. So I skipped the ritual and didn't eat the whole day. Then repeat the same process on Sun. It was a success. I then waited to see if I could repeat the process this weekend, and I did.

All my meals are home cook, so today I was out doing something then a thought came to me that it's time to go home and get something to eat. Then it occurred to me that I'm fasting. Thus, there is no going back home to eat. I then realized how much time I saved from not having to cook/eat and poop. My estimate is that I saved 4 hours for the weekend. That is the surprising benefit of fasting. You save a lot of time.

Also, I lost a couple of lbs on the first fasting but gained it back after 3 days. I do however feel lighter and not bloated without knowing it. Only the fasting woke me up to that.

My plan is to continue this 5-2 method. My 2 day of fasting is on herbal teas and mineral water, unlike the other 5-2 diet which allows you to have 500 calories on fasting days.

P.S. My last meal was on Fri evening and I will break the fast on Mon morning. I'm looking forward to a great breakfast and 5 days of eating. LOL
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