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10 year SparkAnniversary

Sunday, February 18, 2018

I am on a team Sparkteam Class of February 17-23, 2008. The team captain reminded us that our 10 year SparkAnniversary is this week.

I didn't realize it was 10 years! How time has flown. We were asked to tell a little about our Spark journey. Here is what I told her

'll just relay a little a bit about my own journey. Sparks has been an important part of my life from the beginning. I have been through a few major life challenges during this 10 years, including breast cancer, and my husband going through a major health trauma. I have been involved in Challenges, particularly the 5% Challenges. I have been on the Cloverleafs for most of my years on Sparkpeople, and have formed some strong friendships, although I have not personally met any of my Sparkfriends (would love to though). I have lost over 30 pounds during my 10 years (sometimes the same 30 that I gained back when my husband had his heart attacks and stroke). I am currently at my lowest weight in 20 years and am working to lose another 20 and get back to a fit weight. I have learned so many healthy habits that are now part of my daily life. I drink lots of water, no pop/soda. I incorporate fruits and veggies into my diet each day, limit processed foods, and using my Fitbit try to get more exercise in each day. I am proud to be celebrating my Spark 10 year anniversary this week!

This is just a small part of how much SparkPeople is part of my life. I am superbusy with work right now, but I will try to add some more 10 year highlights later.
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