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Sunday, February 18, 2018

hey sparkies, i'm still alive. hanging by the fingernails. or toenails. or something. spinning the wheel here on spark, answering the wellness questions. haven't missed a day - and haven't missed a question this month. but that is about it on spark. trimming life to the bare bones - sleep. work. healthy food. steps-running-walks. beach walks. photos. not enough of any of them. well, maybe the healthy food, lots of that. and more than enough work - just not enough time for it. and plenty of beach to walk on - just not enough time for it. hmmm... is there a pattern here?

a couple of things to note here - my weight, for one thing. the scale is extremely happy. and i am trying to keep my head on straight - i've set my lower scream weight about 5 lbs higher than in the past. i've had a tendency to want to go a little lower, a little lower. now it has been low enough - and threatening to continue down - so i have found myself in the interesting position of either a) not worrying when we've been to dinner parties or b) adding more avocado or nuts to the day - both of which i carefully count and or limit otherwise. and the scale remains happy! but i am NOT dropping below 103 this time.

why the success? i am theorizing that the metabolism has been revved up by the running. and yes, i wrote RUNNING - not fast, but no more walk-runs. (oddly my mile time is better with 30-30 seconds of alternating running and walking, than when i only run). when we arrived here at 6 weeks ago, i barely survived the first run (run-walk) of 2 miles; two days ago i ran for just over an hour, about 4.65 miles. i could probably have continued, but the theme - not enough time in the day.

which brings us to how we get the time - DH is insisting on a 7 a.m. alarm to get out by 8 at the latest on running days because of the heat (yes, i hear all of you in snow country feeling sorry for us:-), and after the run we walk to cool down, we stretch - and then claire's favorite time of the day - we walk the beach! the sand feels so good on our feet and our legs. we haven't been able to swim because the water has a) been polluted with trash from a massive trash island that went by not too long ago) and b) the water turned red with red dirt following heavy rains this past week - and the red dirt has deer droppings in it and that has bacteria in it - or something. suffice it to say that the red sea does not look as appealing as the blue one. but the beach is still heaven. and claire loves it, chasing a coconut (which the crazy dog tried to catch in her teeth!) and sticks.

by the end of the beach walk, wash claire down, shower, lunch - there went that day. we work the afternoon. healthy meals. and bed.

the fact is, we have barely had time for our healthy snacks, let alone any unhealthy snacks. but every evening we have sunset wine time, with our carefully dosed pistachio nuts, pretzels, and sometimes an array of veggies and dips, sometimes a soup quickly thrown together in the instant pot.

whatever it is, it is working.

what do i credit it to? what i learned here on spark. and most of all - beck. there is a new reading of the book on the beck team coming up, and i highly recommend it. link here:


while i don't have time to join in this time, i have reread and blogged the book (the beck solution - how to think like a thin person, or something like that) a few times. and so many of the rules have become habits like brushing your teeth. they are there when you don't have to think about them.

- no choice
- credit
- eat sitting down, mindfully, slowly
- not my food
- no fair
- balance!

ok. must get to work here. i wrote balance, because the exercise and the walks are what keep us sane. we try to get our steps on non-running days, but this week it was hard, and we found we were not getting out with the cameras - so we did take one morning for the beach and were rewarded with an amazing show of waves.

claire loves to chase coconuts post-run

and she lies at the edge of the water

and sometimes the waves surprise her

she also likes to chill out in her own tide pool

life is good. just busy - and not enough hours in the day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi, long tome no see! I will check the beck solution, sounds interesting. Sweden is snowy and cold... so I have to admit that I envy you!
    395 days ago
    Awesome check in Sparkie! Love your world there! Beautiful,pics.

    I actually thought of some spark friends today...took a quick out of the ordinary trip to a Florida beach and got well over my step goal just strolling and enjoying...though of you...also thought about SLENERELLA (Marsha) beach use I think I may be in her neck of the woods. We are enjoying warm sunny skies at least for a few days. Eating...well not great but credit for a few better choices.

    Keep Sparking! Enjoy Life!
    400 days ago
    The older I get its seems the busier I get and time just slips by so fast. You're doing great! Congrats! Always love your pics! Despite your busy times..really appreciate your taking time to blog for us. Keep sparking! 👍
    400 days ago
    There's never enough time to do everything we want to do. Great job!
    400 days ago
    It looks heavenly to me!
    Good going on the good habits!
    400 days ago
    I have been gaining the weight you lose and eating the food you wouldn't eat, being vegetarian
    400 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    400 days ago
    Wow, your life is very full.
    Full of good things, which is great - but I can imagine how packed such a day can feel!
    Congrats to keeping the weigh stable, even with a little unwanted downward trend.
    I was in that situation a few months ago, and I balanced it out by adding some planned food.
    The not worrying about dinner parties solution is more fun and adventure for sure.
    You can handle each for sure!

    Thank you for sharing the story and the lovely pics!

    400 days ago
    I so enjoy your beautiful photography.
    400 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Sue, you definitely have found the right balance in your life that works for you. Those waves are amazing and Claire looks so happy to be with you this winter.
    WTG on the weight maintenance
    400 days ago
    You are really good at keeping balance in your lives. Keep up the good work!
    400 days ago
    Full days mean the days and weeks go fast. That's good. I think. Sometimes they go too fast.

    Tell Claire that doggy-dental work is uncomfortable and very expensive. No catching coconuts!
    400 days ago
    Wow thanks for the encouragement.
    400 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Such beautiful scenery you are surrounded by. Glad you are getting out and enjoying when you can. Great job on eating healthy. It sounds like you are doing a great job.
    400 days ago
    That is the closest I've seen to an "annoyed" look on Claire's "face", where she got caught by the wave.

    Great life you have there, bare bones is fine when life is crazy... but clearly it's working! emoticon
    400 days ago
    First of all, yeah, here's a virtual groan for you on the heat wave! LOLOL glad it's so beautiful there.

    Sounds like you're back on your stride. Good job!

    As always Claire looks so happy and beautiful!

    400 days ago
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