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What could have been unpleasant... wasn’t... lol

Friday, February 16, 2018

Yesterday was rather occupied with potentially unpleasant activities... that turned out either acceptable or useful, with a lot less fuss than I had projected. I find it almost amusing how big I can build an event or situation in my mind, and then it happens... and total anti-climax. I think I need to work on letting things just happen as they will and not stressing over them. (It doesn’t help that my neighbor outlines the worst case scenarios and tells me how awful things are... I need to stop listening to her!) Anyway, we had a mandatory tenant meeting for the entire apartment building to go over the new no smoking policies, which go into effect June 1 of this year. The building manager had posted pictures of the aftermath of the fatal fire that precipitated this move by management. The tenant who died in the fire... was smoking in bed... while on oxygen! She said there were 20 oxygen tanks in the living room, and it was sheer providence that they didn’t all become projectiles. Scary. And she said that she watched the security discs and while the firefighters were battling this fire... caused by careless smoking... people left the area that had been deemed safe for evacuation and went and stood under the awning on the access ramp... and smoked! Yikes! I totally get why they are instituting these policies. She also addressed the noise issue to the entire building. She didn’t say names, but everyone knew who she was talking about... my annoying downstairs neighbors. Turns out the police came 3 times last Saturday... which is why they got ticketed. I did not find anything objectionable in the meeting with the manager, and pretty much agreed with everything she outlined. And immediately after the meeting I had an emergency appointment at the neurologist for an infusion to try and finally break this ever-living migraine. I have had it since before I had the flu! My big issue with infusions is that I have “difficult” veins, and two years ago, before we started the new treatment, when I had my last infusion... my veins kept collapsing and they gave up and sent me home in tears of frustration and pain... oy. So, some trepidation about going for another infusion. But that turned out okay too. The nurse had to work to get into a vein, but once the IV was established I was good to go. And it did help. I don’t know as that I would say the migraine is “gone”... but it isn’t all consuming and overwhelming. I will take it. And I go for nerve block injections next Thursday, so if it stays at it’s current level until then I won’t complain (too much)... pain levels are relative when you have chronic pain. What someone else might take an ibuprofen for (headache-wise) I will ignore, because I am saving the medication intervention for when I know it is going to be a bad one. It is all relative and individual though. So, that was the majority of my day right there... I came home, talked to my best friend, Jennifer, and my niece, Tigan, and went to bed. I haven’t been sleeping very well, so I thought I would take advantage of the quiet and my exhaustion... I believe I slept 10 hours, so it must have worked... haha. Cooper thought it was wonderful that he could curl up with me for that long! We are in a warm spell. Except today. Today is supposed to be cold and foggy. It’s foggy out already, but I haven’t checked the temperature. I am going to take it a bit easy today, let the medicine and sleep work their magic. Maybe even take a nap later...
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    273 days ago
    OMG. I do the same thing: catastrophizing. I am a Master at it. I envision myself getting fired at least once a week.

    Glad you are getting some relief from the headaches and that the IV worked out this time.
    274 days ago
    This only goes to show just how pervasive tobacco addiction is, and how difficult to resolve........
    274 days ago
    Glad that you could get some relief of your migraine. Smokers have issues that make it impossible to deal with them.
    274 days ago
    In a town less than 10 miles from here some older !ady living in senior housing was smoking,,,vparound 2 AM,of COURSE on oxygen. Yup,,,KA BOOM!!! The 2 apts on each see were destroyed. Amazingly she didn't burned to badly. Hmmm wonder why she was evicted??! NOT!!

    Right after that most landlords, management places went smoke free across the Greater Portland area. For us it meant lower insurance. Hey, I'm alllll for that!!

    Recently many have decided they'd smoke inside. They are getting warnings. In our area,,,if ones landlord, management (high rises,,,from the low income right on up!) near where I'm has evicted a tenant because they could smell the cigarette out in the hallway. Knocked as opening door. The guy wasn't smoking, but it was easy(he was telling me,,,he was with someone I know)to see he had been. That's all it takes now.

    Hopefully the migraine will stay low!!
    275 days ago
    When I worked in the ER, we had patients come down all the time on oxygen. They would wheel themselves down, go outside, flip the oxygen cannula from their noses up to their foreheads like a headband, and light up their cigarettes. Most of them survived their smoke breaks without incident, but the occasional one would get flash burns to their face. We’d treat them in the ER then sent to their room. One moron got flash burns, was treated & sent back. 2 days later, it was deja vu all over again.

    So, your resident manager “addressed” the noise problem. Will anything be done if they keep violating policy & knocking your pictures off the walls?

    Glad you’re getting some relief from the migraines. Fingers crossed the new treatments help. Oh, and some pixie dust for your unstable blood sugars.
    275 days ago
    I am so glad you got some relief from the migraine.
    275 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon emoticon & Rest
    275 days ago
    Glad you have some relief and hopes for more
    275 days ago
    glad the meeting went well
    275 days ago
    The meeting sounded very productive. I take that your area doesn't have smoking laws in place (?). Up here it's province wide and illegal to smoke in rental units, in apts, in public places, within 25 ft (I believe that's the distance) of any public door, parks, public events, restaurants, senior homes like assisted living, hospitals and clinics. Or courthouses. That sounded really horrific what could have happened with that horrible fire. I'm glad to hear you have some relief from the migraine and that it all went well with the IV. I hope it keeps the migraine to a dull roar to the time you get the nerve block.

    275 days ago
    Interesting. Feel better and enjoy the weekend.
    275 days ago
    What a blessing when things are easier than we suspect they might be. Sounds like that friend might be better to discuss the past or present with, instead of the future. Who needs help with new things to worry about?

    Wishing you relief!

    275 days ago
    Glad you got some rest!!!!
    275 days ago
    Glad things went as well as they did. My god. . . 20 oxygen tanks. **SIgh**
    275 days ago
    Wow! I can't believe how irresponsible people can be.....oh wait, yes I can. Ugh! I'm glad to hear your headache is better even if it's not completely gone. Getting some relief must feel wonderful when you've had a migraine for so long. I hope the bit of relief you are feeling lasts until you get the nerve blocker injections. Hope you get some rest too! Snuggling with Cooper in a nice warm bed sounds like bliss. emoticon emoticon
    275 days ago
  • MBPP50
    I hope you feel better. emoticon
    275 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    I’m glad the infusion help you. My sister lives with chronic pain too and I see how miserable it can be.

    275 days ago
    Smoking while oxygen is present! I didn't think anyone was that stupid.
    275 days ago
    276 days ago
    Focus on the things you can change
    276 days ago
    276 days ago
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