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Don't tell me it will be alright when you don't know yourself

Thursday, February 15, 2018

This may be a 'B' session or a cry session, I'm not sure which one yet, so be prepared either way.

Yesterday we had a staff meeting at work. To give you some background I am a Certified Information & Referral Specialist and a Certified Resource Specialist at a Mental Health Agency that also provides 2-1-1 (Information & Referral) for a four county area.

I have been at this agency since Oct 22, 1990. 27 years, 4 months. For years we were known as First Call for Help (FCFH). On July 1, 2014 FCFH merged with Family Service of NWO (FSNO). Since that time FSNO opened up a 10 bed adult unit for crisis intervention services. We also have a 10 bed adolescent unit.

Yesterday they dropped a HUGE bomb on us. FSNO will be closing at the end of April. There will no longer be an agency PERIOD!!! I am floored to say the least.

Now for some things I do know:
1.) We are working with our local ADAMH's Board (Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board) regarding them purchasing our building for the amount still owed. Basically taking over the mortgage. We should here back from our ADAMH's Board within the next 10 days or so as to whether they are going to purchase our building.
2.) Our agency is very unique. We do mental health assessment in our four county area. We are the only agency that provides this service 24/7. We are also the national 2-1-1 call center for our four county area. Again, no one provides that service.
3.) Our current agency, FSNO, and our local ADAMH's Board are trying to procure jobs for our staff with another agency called A Renewed Mind

What I do not know:
1.) Are we going to be taken over or am I going to be out of a job, out of money, out of health insurance, and out of luck.
2.) When is long enough to know, long enough to know? We were told yesterday to hang tight, they see good things coming down the road for CCC but they could not give us definite answers. But, don't tell me it will be alright when you don't know yourself.
3.) It's hard to put on a smile when inside you are torn up about everything that is going on. For us we have to continue on as if nothing is happening. We still need to deliver top notch services for our consumers/clients.
4.) Even if A Renewed Mind does take over I have to interview for my position that I have held for 27 years. What if they don't like me? One thing I can tell you. I have been there the longest. I know the system inside out. I'm the only one that knows how to do reports. I am the only one who updates all of the 4000 plus programs in the database that provides information & referral to a four county area.

With all of this being said, I could use some prayers, good vibes, well intentions or whatever else you can throw at me right now. (please just no tomatoes emoticon as I am allergic to them) I slept a total of 4 hours last night. I felt like I just fell asleep and it was time to wake up already. emoticon

I have always been known as an optimistic person. I do feel that our local ADAMH's board will not let our four county clients down. They will not leave them in the lurch without providing them with services (Think about it, if they did they would also go under).

Well that is all I have to say. I am thankful for my SP buddies. SP has always been a safe haven for me and I know I will continue to make it that way.

Have a blessed day everything and thank you for letting me sound off. emoticon ~ Donna

Just for kicks ~
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Find out TODAY if you can retire. RETIRE and not lose any benefits.
    429 days ago
    These cutbacks are ridiculous!
    429 days ago
  • 52BINCE
    Chocolate is not just a girl thing we guys love it too!!!!!!! May your next trail in life bring you much success...
    432 days ago
    Sending lots of positive vibes and lots of prayers!!! Hang in there and stay positive!!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    432 days ago
  • RAMONA1954
    Sending you lots of love, hugs and bunches of prayers. I can’t imagine leaving that area without these vital services. I worked at mental health facilities back in the late 1988 to 1991. I watched afterward when they closed the county offices where I used to work and consolidated services in another bigger county. It was difficult to watch.
    On the flip side, I also saw how it affected me as I had to start using their services due to deep depression. Being shuffled to this county, then one further away, then another, and finally where I go now. It was a regional mental health board. So I got shuffled to 4 or 5 different therapists and psychiatrists. For clients in disparate situations that can be catastrophic.
    I’ll definitely be praying for a good resolution for you. Take care of yourself. emoticon
    432 days ago
    Sending tons of hugs and prayers. When this happened to me, I started looking for a new job as it us easier to get a job when you have one. It turned out I did some temp positions during my unemployment period, and was able to get my old job back in close to a year.

    The job search showed me which jobs I didn't want, but it put me in touch with people to get the temp positions which were very helpful.

    I also learned how to get by on almost no money, 99 cent store, discount grocery store, and a lot if dried bean dishes!

    It is scary for sure, but keep the faith sweetie! emoticon
    432 days ago
  • BJK1961
    I cannot imagine that someone with your qualifications and value would be cast out. Worry has never changed anything, so try to center yourself and breathe. Be proactive: prepare a detailed contingency plan and a resumé just in case. This could be the greatest opportunity of your life!
    433 days ago
    Oh Donna, I'm so sorry to hear you're going through all this now. I am praying that they replace & not terminate this program, & that they find a place for you. I pray for you & for all those whom will be effected by these changes. May God have mercy........

    emoticon emoticon
    433 days ago
    433 days ago
    You have MY emoticon Donna!
    No one knows what our Future holds!
    But the Good Lord,turn it over to him
    and put your Trust and Faith in Him! emoticon
    433 days ago
    433 days ago
    Yes! Prayers of course! I'm 'feeling' you are going to be VERY instrumental in helping 'them' figure out how to help the people being left out in the cold. More than ever we need mental health care in world. We are here for you! emoticon
    433 days ago
    So sorry to hear all this. I am saying my prayers for you. Nope, unfortunately it would bug the snot out of me, too, to hear it'll be all right when . . . . .that . is . not . known.

    wishing you all the very best.
    433 days ago
    Well I will admit that the first thought that came to mind was:" That SUCKS!" ... But next I will admit I am feeling in a bit of a funk since the occurrence of yesterday! I like best what spark friend: Lcdub said. " Do take care of yourself and try to get proper rest and sleep and turn it over to the Lord."
    I know it is easier said than done and how crappy that you would have to apply all over again when you worked there 27 years. All said and done, will run this one by the "Big Guy!".... emoticon .....p.s. Now you tell me that about chocolate LOL!....... emoticon
    433 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    Wow. What a blow to have the rug pulled from under you. For a number of years, I was the top administrator of a local program. Every budget year I held my breath. I was fighting for our clients, their families and for my staff. The stress was incredible. Several heads of program developed cancer and I have always thought it was due to the stress of budget time. Eventually our budget was past lean to skeletal to trying to get marrow from the bones. Was so glad when I could retire.

    I do hope they can somehow turn this around.

    434 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    Gosh, that is a huge blow and you are understandably anxious about what the future holds. I'm sending you some supportive thoughts across the many miles that separate us.


    434 days ago
    Prayers coming your way but remember, through all this turmoil, take care of yourself first! I know you'll hear this many times but get your rest and turn it over. Be that optimistic person. You've got such valuable experience going forward. Stay strong, we're here for you...

    Carpe Diem

    434 days ago
    Wow, that is a hit for sure. They needed to let you know but they appear not to know anything else, so needless to say - there are so many unanswered questions for sure. Wish I could comfort and say you will still have a job but I won't. Is there anyway to put out feelers, is there anyone who may know more?

    Stay focused on your health, stress will be major for the next 1 1/2 months.
    434 days ago
    WoW! I don't understand how they can disolve one large system like that with no backup plan. Somebody has to know something. I'm surprised that nobody got wind of something strange going on. You & your coworkers will be in our thoughts & prayers. I hope more info comes your way and that it brings good news.
    434 days ago
    Prayers for you and all your co-workers that everything works out.
    434 days ago
    Prayers that it will work out for you

    I wish my input would count but I know it does not matter to them I hope you will be ok
    434 days ago
  • EISSA7
    What a shock!! Hopefully, clear minds will prevail and realize that the services your agency provides are ever so necessary and important! emoticon
    434 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    I feel your anguish. I wish I could help.

    Given the recent shooting in Florida, where some will say it is not a gun issue, but a mental health issue, I can see how crazy this is.

    As a Canadian I think both ends need to be addressed. Gun control and mental health.
    434 days ago
  • no profile photo ROSSYFLOSSY
    Have a productive day. 😊
    434 days ago
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