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Happy un-birthday Cooper-dog!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I decided when I adopted Cooper from the canine rescue organization that we would celebrate his “birthday “ on February 14th each year, as he is my true valentine, offering me unconditional love in every circumstance. The vet estimated that he was about one year old when I adopted him in 2011 (yup, same year I joined SparkPeople)... so today he is unofficially 8 years old... a veritable middle age man for a small dog. He goes a lot of places with me, and keeps me active (even when I would rather not, like right now while I am trying to break a particularly nasty migraine cycle)... he has become such an integral part of my emotional support system that my doctor certified him as an ESA (which is quite different than a Service Dog, but does mean he is not classified as a “pet” for legal purposes, but rather a “companion animal “... a small but significant difference)... I am coping with a new aspect of my disability which has never manifested before, and Cooper helps me deal with the emotional impact of the ramifications.

So, for his birthday he will get a special dinner of chicken and veggies (vet approved).:. And as many walks as I can deal with... along with all the belly rubs and back scritches he desires...

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