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February 14, Read Mark 3, A great crowd followed Jesus

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

In this chapter the typical topics are the healing on the Sabbath, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit or the call of Jesus disciples. But what about the crowd? It says a great crowd followed Him. How big is a great crowd? The crowd was so big that Jesus got into a boat so the people couldn't crush Him. But what did they want? The text tells us that He healed many so those who had diseases came to Him. The crowd is coming to Him not because He's God in the flesh but because He can give them something. It's what attracts people to politicians, who can give me the most? It makes me think about things today, so many churches want to bring people to Jesus with a promise of something. Jesus can heal you or bring prosperity, the real message is lost. There is no promise of healing or wealth. Here's the real message, God Himself came to pay the price for your sin.
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