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California Strawberries

Monday, February 12, 2018

I read a article not long ago about how harmful California Strawberries are. The toxins the Farmers use, due to all types of weeds etc., is downright scary. The toxins stay in the ground, so even if you wanted to plant new Strawberries, and not use heavy duty toxins, the Strawberries can still be harmful. Plus we are talking "Organic" Strawberries. 2 of 3 major Strawberry Farms closed last year for several reasons. We're talking 3 generation Farmers. At first I was shocked. For years My Mom and I would drive by Citrus and Fruit Farms on our way to Santa Barbara to visit my Aunt Lucille and Uncle Jack. So it did saddened me to hear the Farms were closing. I had wondered if they closed due to pressure from the public, but it looks like they closed for a few reasons. The links I will provide will go more detail ....However Farms all over the country have the same issue. The big giant company Monsanto, who are heartless in my book, is actually suing Arkansas because the state stopped using dicamba which is made by Monsanto. Imagine, being sued!!! What happened to "freedom" to make our own decisions. Monsanto is about the all mighty dollar. I know this will be a lot of reading, but at least read most of it. Like I said toxins, which most of us have known about, is a problem for us all. Just for the record, we have tried to grow our own Strawberries. The plants do great in the Spring, but once we get 100+ degrees, they shrivel up. Not sure what to do. I love Strawberries, but not worth risking my health.


Just read the article, it is short.

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  • JANET552
    It is scary and Monsanto is appalling.
    394 days ago
    Thank you, Jeanne, for your blog and info. Since I had breast cancer (pos for estrogen) I am trying to do organic as much as possible esp with milk, etc. Your info on strawberries is quite frightening esp since my DH buys them ALL the time.

    395 days ago
    So many are using Monsanto Round up on crops, that is why going gluten free is important these days...wheat crops are sprayed with round up....which is cancer causing.


    Strawberries should never be eaten unless they are organic. Anymore I don't even know if I trust organic products! Not to even mention gmo products! Nothing is safe to eat anymore. Even canned foods have the BPA linings which is harmful to humans too! UGH!
    Thanks for the information. Appreciate it. Sad to see these farms closing all over!

    396 days ago
  • LOSER05
    so sad and soo scary, Thanks for sharing.
    397 days ago
  • JAMER123
    It continues to amaze me that we, the businesses, find a way to hide a poison and then it's found. So they find another way to develop another. I am a farm kid and we grew a lot without added chemicals back in the olden days!! And now developers think the can sue people/states for stopping the use of the poisons. Where are we going with this!!!
    400 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon I also love them. I'll read the articles later on. I understand you being upset seeing the farm's closing.
    emoticon today.

    400 days ago
  • PAIGE2017
    I was going to make chocolate covered strawberries for our Valentine's dessert tomorrow :( Very sad!
    400 days ago
    Very sad to read this! Getting scary
    400 days ago
    This is really sad, Monsanto is the worst, but the gov't does nothing either.
    One of the reasons moving back to Europe seems like a great idea.
    400 days ago
    Monsanto is evil... the things that our government allows, compared to European nations, is appalling. Lobbying and big money - from companies like Monsanto, and big pharma, are truly trying to make and keep us ill.
    401 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Our MIchigan berries are fertilized with manure and have straw around them to keep bugs away. They are not huge like your berries, but are fifty times sweeter and a dark red. Natural. They are the only kind we will make our pies and jams with..
    401 days ago
  • JOY831
    It's a shame that farmers are losing the battle . We, Our nation, the world need farmers. What ever happened to real people growing healthy emoticon real food in order to feed real people like you and me???
    401 days ago
    Oh no! What an upsetting development! I love strawberries, and picked them when I was a kid. It will be hard to give them up! emoticon
    401 days ago
    WOW! I quit eating strawberries and now I am really glad! emoticon for the info.
    401 days ago

    What we don't know.... can hurt us..

    I have a friend with a dairy farm... a few years ago they went "organic"
    it was a long financially difficult time for them.. because of the number of years they and their neighbors needed to go organic before they would be allowed to sell their products as "organically produced"

    401 days ago
    Scary stuff. Thanks for the information.
    401 days ago
    That is so disheartening, I love strawberries so this really disappoints me, big time! I'm not sure what the strawberry growers in Plant City, Fl. and the other Florida farming use but it might be the same stuff.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    401 days ago
    So sad! Monsanto is worst of the worst!
    Nothing is safe anymore!
    emoticon emoticon
    401 days ago
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