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Some days are like that...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Yesterday and today have been rather trying... well a lot of days have been that way lately. Chronic pain is wearing. I won't bore you with my tale of woe though. Except to say that it made everything harder to cope with... my obnoxious downstairs neighbors were at it again yesterday with the exceedingly loud music. It was so loud you could hear it in the lobby when you first came in the building. The Village police came on a different matter and were like WTH? And gave them a warning. The neighbors turned down their music... for 10 minutes, long enough for the police to leave, then cranked it back up again. It was loud enough it was knocking stuff off my walls from the bass vibrating. I left my apartment, because I had that migraine, and my next door neighbor, Patty, went with me, in part because the day before she had given herself a concussion, and I had just picked her up from the hospital... so she wasn't appreciating the loud music either! She and I crashed a couple friends' apartments in another wing of the building... far removed from where we live. I felt bad for mooching couch space. and intruding on other people, but... I would rather be a mild pest, than deal with that noise.

Anyways, turns out the police came back last night and dinged those downstairs with a noise ordinance violation, which carries a hefty fine... and then one of the officers proceeded to call the building manager and inform her of the fact. She got defensive and abrasive with the officer, and he ended up scolding her ( there were witnesses) about letting this situation go on this long. Hopefully, now, something will be done. But I am not going to hold my breath. These tenants have been warned and warned, and that is the extent. They just ignore the warnings and do whatever they want.

So, last night, after they got the ticket they turned down the music, but they didn't shut down the party... and they talk really loud... and they were gathered until about 2am...

I had passed out around 6:30pm... I was just so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open, and fell asleep despite the noise, but about 12:30 they did something that woke me up (not exactly sure what) and except for a half hour nap I have been up ever since. I am headed to bed shortly. I have an 8:30am appointment tomorrow, and I have to walk Cooper and get ready... and drive there... it shouldn't be a problem. Cooper has been walking between 7 and 7:30 lately, so that works pretty well, actually.

Today, I still have the migraine, and I was sleep deprived, but stuff needed to get done... so I did it. Tomorrow I will see how I feel, and depending on how the night goes I might just take a laid back day... I think I probably will... pushing myself doesn't seem to be doing me any good. I know I want to just push through the pain, until I get to the other side... I know it is temporary, and eventually something will break the cycle, but for now the more I push, the worse I feel. I suppose for most people that is a no-brainer, huh? If it hurts... stop doing it. I guess my common sense is debilitated right now...
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  • KATIE5668
    So sad that others are so thoughtless. Part of why I live rural ..That migraine cycle is wearing you down..
    I hope it breaks soon.

    emoticon emoticon
    304 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    306 days ago
    Migraines can't be pushed through and I know you know that. Take good care of yourself and it will pass. As for your neighbours, they sound horrid.
    306 days ago
  • MBPP50
    I hope you feel better soon and things get better with your crappy neighbors. emoticon
    307 days ago
    I hope you were able to rest last night! Ugh! Those people would drive me crazy!!! I would be trying to think of all kinds of things I could do to them. LOL!
    307 days ago
    I just moved due to a LOUD HORRIBLE neighbor!!! Since you also live in a complex, have you asked for a transfer? It did cost me more, but its $$well spent!!

    I'm sitting here listening to only the him of the fridge. Nice!!

    The guy who was above me is not with it. He pounds with a hammer type thing ALL night long and moves furniture in between that. YEAH I'm NOT having to put up with it. Several times many have complained about him,,,hisnick name by many tenants is Bed Bug Boy. His brother is a lawyer so yeah,,,,he always stays.

    I'd talk to your Dr for a Dr note stating your needs are to be immediately addressed. Wishing u well. I'm in the building next to the one I just moved from. I face the harbor now. Izzy immediately relaxed. Amazing how our pets react to our stress. She plays a lot again. I thought she was just older, nope
    307 days ago
    I hope that those neighbours keep getting fined till they learn to play well with others .The manager is really a disgrace too
    307 days ago
    Chronic pain is a super challenge and with a migraine WOW. sURPRISED YOU DIDN'T GO EAT THEIR STEREO
    307 days ago
    I hope things get better emoticon
    307 days ago
    There is sometimes no good solution. You could move and find other issues. Sorry you are feeling so bad right now and hope it gets better soon. Hugs to Cooper
    307 days ago
    You really do have awful neighbors - hopefully something will happen soon to resolve the issue. Hope your migraine gets better soon.
    307 days ago
    Sounds super stressful! Wishing you relief, friend.
    307 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon, Chandra. Now that the police have actually been there twice, can’t something be done to get them out? The manager can’t deny it now!
    307 days ago
    Wow, I am surprised there aren't MORE people complaining about the noisy neighbors. That is just obnoxious. HOpe you get some sleep tonight.

    307 days ago
    Those neighbours sound awful.
    307 days ago
  • no profile photo VALERRIE
    I empathize with your migraines. Mine were nauseating, ice pick debilitating and had to be slept off, although one did last 3 days.
    They were probably caused by a combination of things, but mostly hormones and stress seemed the likely culprits, along with a magnesium deficiency.

    When I started taking magnesium daily they went away and I can't remember the last time I had one!
    A co-worker tried taking magnesium for her migraines after I told her to give it a try, and hers abated, also.
    It's worth a shot. So sorry you have to go through this.

    307 days ago
  • BUGGY1968
    I hate migraines! I had to eliminate the migraine triggers to survive, and giving up diet coke (which I drank non-stop) and getting regular sleep (which is hard with neighbors like yours) transformed my life. Hang in there and treat yourself well!

    And maybe you should call the police every time they get that loud. You deserve better!
    307 days ago
    I hope you get a good night's rest and the noise problem gets solved!
    307 days ago
    I hope things get better for you. Stay positive tomorrow will be a better day.
    307 days ago
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