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Sunday, February 11, 2018

In addition to tracking my nutrition and exercise to be consistent to my goals, I'm doing other things that are making a difference. Up to now I've not given enough credit to these kinds of things as measurable helps. This is a piece of what's going to be different this time. I'm also doing better not to take on too much so I can do each truly fully. I'm really appreciating what I'm learning.

21-day New Member Challenge. Although I was around the site a lot in years past and some of the information is repeat, it's refreshing to re-see and remember all the positive information and components that are truly for any condition level and actually step through them for real this time.

30-day Walk this Way Challenge. It fits right in with my goal to simply get consistent and build time endurance before worrying about intensity. I have a slew of articles saved up to refer back to as I build up.

Active on teams. I appreciated it before but seems exponentially moreso now, how positive, insightful, and informative people on this site are. Mind blowing and heart warming. And motivating. It's as fun to give as to receive support.

Checking out the premium content. I'm just a few days into the free trial, and -- as with the New Member Challenge -- a lot is re-seeing and refresh from prior years so far, but stepping through it open to restarting myself fresh to notice where I went wrong (or didn't ever get to actual doing) is proving helpful. Bypassing one of my former grocery store sneak snack attacks a month will easily pay for the fee.

Blog. My trade is playing with others' words all day, getting my words down helps me work through things and stay focused on my goals tremendously. Having a place to share this body journey outside my head but in a forum of positive, like-goaled people is a win-win.

Points, points, points. It feels a little silly to admit it, but they do motivate!

Less social media time. Being on here displaces time on other SM, where I was reading a lot of stressful news posts. I don't feel like I'm missing out by skimming through more quickly and being more deliberate about what I read more deeply. I find I'm feeling more hopeful spending the time on things I can control -- making me my best self -- and among positive images and thinking. I'd like to think this helps me spread more light to those I come into contact with as well.

I've identified the 28-Day BootCamp Workout and Small Commitment challenges as the next to weave in as I finish the two current. I'm also on a wait-list for a possible team challenge that starts in March or April. One or both of the SP challenges may need to wait if that happens.
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