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morning cuppa spark - beck check, rinse, wash, repeat plus a small commitment

Sunday, February 11, 2018

yup. i'm on rinse, wash, repeat mode. work is as crazy as it gets, and will stay that way. but that core of beck rules is keeping me going - no food between breakfast (the same every day, no planning needed), lunch (cooked once, eaten for 3-5 days, depending), and dinner - often a combination of bean dips and veg. occasionally a snack of papaya, bean dip (for protein) and nuts, but we've been so busy with work that we haven't always had time, and lunch has been so filling (this week was lasagne and salad the first several days, and first a minestrone soup, then vegan asian soup) that we haven't gone looking for the snack. and weight is not only holding, but still going down, allowing for indulgences like garlic bread. weeee! rinse, wash, repeat.

and then there is the small commitment - since summer, we have had a hard time getting back to running. in the fall and winter, issues like colds (as in sick), travel, and cold (as in temperature) kept getting in the way. once we recovered from the trip, we ran the first time - i did a run-walk, 30 seconds each, and nearly died after 2 miles. we waited a few more days, and then we started going every other day. and i increased to 3 miles, and 3.5, run walking. and gradually felt like i would not die the rest of the day, and gradually was even able to get things done the rest of the day. a 4 miler snuck in, and it was back to feeling like i had run a half marathon, and the next week was not so bad with the next 4 miler. and then this past week, i switched from run walk with 12 minute miles and change to a slower pace run at 13 and change - and i finally finally had the feeling at 3 miles that i could keep on going, not that i had to grit my teeth and force myself to keep on going. the way it used to be, back when i was running all the time and training for half marathons, albeit slowly. back then i followed a running community of marathoners and half marathoners, and the motto was "anyone can run 3 miles" - and i finally joined that club again. i could run three miles and headed on to four, and continued the day. i have no ambitions to do a half marathon again, but to keep this going. my small commitment - every other day. we follow the run with a cool down walk on the road, then we stretch, and then we add another walk on the beach, for claire to run and chase coconuts and sticks. and cool down in the water. it has been too rough, and too dirty from the rains, to swim for us, but it still feels good to put our feet in the sand.

wash, rinse, repeat.

until next week,
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