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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

the fan is being hit by the proverbial you know what. i really have to start exercising the N. O. word for work.

but meanwhile - thinking that with the thunderstorms predicted for yesterday we would not get out for the planned run, i did a morning video for the first time in a week. and then when we woke up, it was perfectly fine outside - so we laced up and headed out. DH runs from the house, but we are on a hill, and i hate walking home again, so i drive down to the flat area and run on the road that parallels the beach. and... instead of my 30 30 galloway, today i put on my slow running play list - one i downloaded from sparkpeople, or at least that SP recommended and i downloaded from iTunes - and ran the entire way, without a break. 3.5 miles! considering that a few weeks ago i nearly died after 2 miles of walk-run, that is great progress! yes the pace was slower. but for the first time i felt like i could have kept on going. we walked a good ways after the run (DH seems to need that before stretching or he feels like he's passing out), which adds to the steps, then we stretched, and then headed to the beach - and suddenly we saw what that thunderstorm was all about! we didn't stay long, and sure enough, before we got back to the parking lot we were drenched. and laughing! a tropical downpour.

worked the rest of the day, but went out for a sunset walk after the rain stopped. the sea has turned red from all the red dirt that has washed down from the rain, but it didn't stop a lone surfer.

and food - the last of the minestrone soup, almost the last of the lasagna. so nice to have everything ready. today is the last of the lasagna, and i had made an artichoke spinach white bean dip for the Super Bowl party, which will be lunch. boom. here is the recipe, it is incredibly good made with hemp seeds (not cashews) and preserved lemon instead of lemon rind:


today's plan for exercise will be short walks. will try to get the step goal, but it is going to be tough...

the storm:

the surfer

the stats

back to work...
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